The Decorator’s Guide To A Solar Garden

In California, our gardens are peaceful retreats with magical allure.  We spend almost as much time enhancing the beauty of our backyards as we spend enjoying them. Decorative solar garden lights and accents can create enchanting ambiance and are an easy way to beautify your outdoor space.

Beautiful and decorative solar garden lily lights
Glowing Solar Lily Lights At Night

Decorate with these beautiful solar powered garden lights to add a soft touch of color and glow. Turn ordinary garden lights into energy efficient works of art. There’s a wide variety of styles, options, and features, and the quality of artistry is breathtaking. Solar lights are simple to install, and go off and on automatically, staying lit for up to 8 hours. How easy is that?

Mosaic solar garden stake lights
Handcrafted Solar Mosaic Globe Lights At Sunset

Solar garden lights come in many decorative, whimsical styles. Our Decorator’s Guide walks you through many beautiful styles available and gives you pro tips and suggestions to help with your solar lighting decor decisions.

Pros & Cons of Solar Lights

Easy Installation with no wiringNeeds direct sunlight
Automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawnOperating time can’t be controlled
Saves money over time with free energyLights may be weak due to weather
Lights can go anywhere, no outlet neededBattery life & replaceability vary
Wide variety of styles, colors, and themes availableThe brightness of lights may be limited

Clearly the benefits outweigh the drawbacks! No need to hassle with the expense and headache of running wires all over your yard just to embellish a favorite spot. Solar garden lights make it easy to add a decorative touch or have a spectacular show of lights in your garden at night. Scroll through our favorite picks below for ideas. To maintain your lights, be sure to read How To Clean & Care For Solar Lights In 3 Easy Steps.

Beautiful solar flower garden lights glowing in a yard

The Definitive Guide To Decorative Solar Garden Lights

7 Decorative Styles And Themes

If you’re in a hurry… Take a look at these amazing solar garden lights.

1. Solar Flower Accent Lights

Beautiful by day or night, these lights capture the heart of gardeners and everyone else. When your flowers are out of season, your solar flowers will still enhance your garden. Use them as pretty pathway lights or fill an outdoor garden bed. Here are the best solar flower lights by style.

The Best Solar Lily Flowers

Gorgeous solar lilly lights


  • These gorgeous and highly rated lilies cycle through 7 colors
  • Powerful but discreet solar panel
  • Easy to assemble with flexible wire arms
  • Water resistant and well made
  • Beautiful both day and night
  • Pack of 2

Wohome Garden Lily Lights, 4 pack

  • 7 Big Color-Changing LED Lillies
  • Wider solar panel for more power
  • Stems and leaves made of iron wire for flexible durability
  • 600mAh rechargeable battery lights up to 10 hours
  • Realistic in daylight
  • Pack of 4
Solar calla lillies

Aloudy Solar Calla Lillies

  • The lilies are large and cycle through 7 colors
  • Wider solar panel for more power
  • Stems and leaves made of iron wire for flexible durability
  • Stakes light up with LEDs inside them
  • Stainless Steel Stem
  • 27″ in height
  • 3 pack with 12 lilies

The Best Solar Rose Flowers

Red solar rose garden lights

XLUX Solar Rose Lights

  • People will think they’re real flowers
  • Available in 5 pretty colors
  • High-quality solar panel performs well
  • Ethereal, soft glow at night
  • Up to 8 hours when charged
  • 1 stake with 5 flowers on the stem
Blue solar roses garden lights

HAPJOY Solar Flower Lights

  • High-quality material to withstand weather
  • Available in 4 pretty colors
  • Lovely light blue by day
  • Deep blue glow at night
  • Up to 8 hours when charged
  • 1 stake with 6 flowers on the stem

The Best Solar Exotic Flowers

Solar bird of paradise in a garden

Solar Bronze Bird of Paradise Light

  • Durable acrylic with rustic bronze finish
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Handcrafted bird of paradise glows in amber
  • Stems have a classic, metallic appearance
  • Rechargeable and replaceable battery
  • Easy to assemble and sturdy
  • Realistic solar flowers
  • 1 stake with 2 flowers on the stem
  • Tropical vibe and ambiance
Solar hyacinth lights for your garden

XLUX Solar Hyacinth Lights

  • Realistic and life-like
  • 1Purple & 1 Pink in the pack
  • High-quality, durable material
  • 32″ tall
  • 8 – 12 hours when charged
  • Perfect for pathways
Solar orchid flower lights

HEYMATE Solar Orchid Flower Lights

  • Realistic and life-like texture
  • 1Purple & 1 Pink in the pack
  • High-quality, fade-proof fabric
  • 32″ tall
  • 6-8 hours when charged
  • 2 light modes: Steady on or flashing

2. Solar Garden Gazing Ball Lights

The first garden decoration I got when I bought my first home was a mirrored gazing ball. I can’t imagine it being cooler than it was, but had it been solar-powered landscape lighting, it easily would’ve been. When you see my picks for best outdoor garden lights, you’ll understand!

The Best Mosaic Glass Ball Lights

Beautiful mosaic solar gazing ball

Pandawill Mosaic Solar Gazing Ball

  • Color cycling with stunning combinations
  • Beautiful white with blue glass in daylight
  • High-Efficiency solar technology
  • Real glass mosaic aesthetics
  • Perfect for flower beds or tables
  • 2 modes: Steady white light or color show
  • Highly rated with reviewer photos and videos

Art deco color changing solar mosaic ball

Aukora Color Changing Solar Mosaic Ball

  • Art Deco Mosaic Glass
  • Long-lasting solar components
  • Beautiful day and night
  • Can hold small tools and items inside
  • Perfect for outdoors or indoors
  • 2 modes: Steady white light or color changing
  • Easy to install, great for parties

Crackled glasssolar garden ball with 2 lighting modes

Aukora Cracked Glass Solar Garden Ball

  • Crackled Glass Design Aesthetics
  • Long-lasting solar components
  • White on white in the day
  • Good-quality, thick glass
  • Perfect for outdoor weather conditions
  • 2 modes: White light or stunning color cycle
  • Removable solar panel for easy charging

Hand blown solar gazing ball

Celestial Orb Solar Gazing Ball

  • Hand-blown crackled glass
  • Ethereal, decorative, ambient lighting
  • 10″ diameter
  • Heavy-duty yet translucent glass
  • Lapis blue, teal, lemon drop, or fern green
  • Solar panel connects by a 2′ cord
  • Matching globe stand available

3. Solar Tiki Bar Lights

A backyard tiki bar under the stars is the ultimate escape for many homeowners. The bronze bird of paradise floral solar light is the perfect exotic touch. Add these handpicked solar decorative lights for a touch of tiki to your tropical garden.

Best Solar Tikis

Tiki head solar garden light

Tiki Head Solar Garden Light

  • Glowing eyes
  • Classic Tiki design
  • 9 in tall & 4.5 in wide
  • LED bulb flickers like a tiki torch
  • Perfect tiki bar kitsch
  • Hand-painted
  • Small but powerful solar panel

Two classic tiki totem solar lights

VP Home Tribal Tiki Solar Lights

  • Beautifully crafted polyresin
  • 2 Classic Tiki totems
  • Tropical island vibe
  • Tikis Measure 6.25″ x 4″
  • Perfect for outdoor tiki bars
  • Flickering lights & glowing eyes
  • The ultimate mood lighting

Gnome style tiki hut garden light

VP Home Tiki Hut Solar Light

  • Beautifully crafted polyresin
  • Tiki twist on a gnome garden
  • Tropical cottage aesthetic
  • Tiki Hut measures 6.25″ x 4″
  • Perfect bar topper
  • Highly detailed & vibrant
  • The tiki bar glows at night!

Best Solar Pineapple Lights

Solar pineapple lights for the garden

Pineapple Solar Lights

  • 2 Packs with 60 warm white LEDs
  • High Impact ABS plastic & Stainless Steel
  • Glowing golden pineapple lights
  • Measures 10″ X 7″
  • Hang from trees or hooks
  • Vibrant, magical lighting
  • Solar panel is hidden in the crown

Solar wind chimes with tropical theme featuring pineapples and coconut trees

Solar Coconut Tree Pineapple Wind Chimes

  • Hanging solar-powered chimes
  • Mid-Century Tropical Kitsch
  • Pineapples & Palm Trees
  • Measures 27″ long
  • Hang from trees or hooks
  • Vibrant color changing LEDs
  • Durable plastic

Solar pineapple string lights

Solar Pineapple String Lights

  • Whimsical string lights
  • 3 lighting modes
  • 30 mini Pineapple Fairy Lights
  • Measures 15.8′ long
  • Hang in your Tiki bar
  • Vibrant, golden color
  • Bendable, high-quality copper wire

Best Solar Tiki Torches

Flickering solar tiki torches

Solar Flickering Tiki Torch Lights

  • Realistic Flickering Flames
  • Includes 31″ & 43″ ground stakes
  • Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  • 2200mAh battery
  • High-quality control chip
  • Upgraded ABS withstands extreme temps
  • No oil, no fire, 100% safe
  • Beautiful & well-reviewed

Wall-mount solar tiki torch lights

Wall-Mountable Solar Tiki Torch Lights

  • Realistic Flickering Torch Lights
  • Includes wall bracket & 30″ ground stakes
  • 35 Lumens, warm white glow
  • 2200mAh battery
  • Waterproof for poolside use
  • Exotic solar pathway lights
  • No oil, no fire, 100% safe
  • Beautiful & well-reviewed

4. Solar Animal Lights

From dogs to cats, birds to turtles, solar animal lights make everyone smile!

Cute solar puppy dog garden light with basket

Puppy Dog with Basket Solar Light

  • Adorable polyresin puppy figurine
  • Light flickers brightly
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Kids love this night light
  • Beagle sits pretty on his basket
  • Measures: 9″H x 5″W x 6″D
  • Cute both day & night
Cat garden statue with solar lantern light

Cat with Solar Light

  • Beautiful & Detailed
  • Life-like ginger striped-paint
  • Solar panel cleverly hidden on lantern
  • Durable resin for outdoor weather
  • Solar lantern glows at night
  • Measures: 11¾ “L x 7″W x 14″h
  • Perfect choice for the porch
Dog and butterfly with kitty solar garden light and statue

Dog, Butterfly, and Kitty Solar Light

  • Beautiful & Detailed
  • Life-like, realistic paint
  • Solar panel is cleverly hidden
  • Durable resin for outdoor weather
  • Butterfly glows at night
  • Perfect on the porch or in the garden
Solar paw prints garden lights

Solar Paw Print Lights

  • 4 paw print lights
  • Press into grass or soil
  • Bright white LED lights
  • Paws measure 3.5 x 3.5 inches
  • 30 inches of cord to solar receptor
  • 33 inches of cord between each paw
  • Cute walkway lights for paths
Cute bunnies with solar basket light for your garden

Bunnies With Basket Solar Light

  • Exquisite workmanship
  • Perfect for Easter and Spring
  • Warm white LED light
  • 11″W x 8″H x 4″D
  • 33 inches of cord between each paw
  • Cute and lifelike snuggling bunnies
Floral turtle solar garden light

Floral Turtle Solar Light

  • Whimsical and luminous
  • Highly-detailed polyresin
  • Warm white LED lights
  • 9″W x 9.5″H x 2″D
  • Flowers light up at night
  • Adorable, friendly turtle

If you love wildlife in your garden, you’ll love these beautiful solar bird bath fountains.

5. Artisan Solar Garden Lights

Unique and artistically designed solar lights can create your dream garden. With these one-of-a-kind designs featuring color-glowing glass and elegant metal sculptures, you’ll have an enchanted garden.

Our Top Picks For Best Decorative Artisan Lights

Handblown pearlized solar finial garden light

Handblown Pearlized Solar Finial

  • Glass finial stake lights
  • Aged bronze metal stake
  • Twisted finial with mottled colors
  • 36″ tall, 9″ finial
  • Heavy duty, durable glass
  • Light blue, dark blue, green or red
Artful and decorative solar garden light in a lantern style with colorful jewels

Metal Hanging Solar Garden Light

  • Dangling and set colorful acrylic jewels
  • Metal frame with ornate cutouts
  • Acrylic faux jewels in a rainbow of color
  • 12″ hanging chain included
  • Solar panel hidden on top
  • 8½” diameter x 10 height
Hand blown blue and green solar lights in teardrop shapes, 3 on a garden path

Glass Solar Lighted Tear Drops

  • Set of three glass drop sculptures
  • One small, one medium, one large
  • Mottled blue and green pattern
  • Dual internal solar panels
  • Beautiful multi-colored glass teardrops
  • See their beauty in the video below

Sun and moon solar garden stake lights

Sun & Moon Solar Lights

  • 2 Metal stake lights
  • Warm white 15 Lumens LEDs
  • Crackled glass globes
  • 38″ tall
  • Durable & weatherproof
  • Casts an intricate shadow
Decorative modern metal solar stake light with minimalist design and blue glass ball

Modern Metal Solar Stake Light

  • Weathered stainless steel sculpture
  • See more photos & video here
  • Blue crackled glass ball
  • 34″ tall decorative stake
  • Durable & weatherproof
  • Flickering light effect
Mosaic lampshade style solar path lights in blue, purple, and yellow

Mosaic Solar Path Lights

  • Stainless steel stake & top
  • 3 pack: Blue, Purple, & Yellow
  • Mosaic glass lampshades
  • 16″ tall, perfect for paths
  • Pretty & sophisticated style
  • Waterproof design

Futuristic torch design solar garden path lights

Decorative solar garden path lights

  • Futuristic torch walkway lights
  • 6 pack with 2 lighting modes
  • White or RGB color-changing
  • 14″ tall, perfect for paths
  • Sleek & modern design
  • Unique & pretty double-layer led

Solar bubble tube garden lights in acrylic with color changing lights

Solar Bubble Tube Lights

  • Bubbling acrylic design
  • 2 pack color changing lights
  • Aquatic motif stuns by the pool
  • 28″ tall, perfect for flower beds
  • UV-treated metal base and stake

6. Solar Fantasy Garden Lights

For a whimsical & enchanted garden, there are beautiful decorative solar lights to make your yard a real life fantasy. Sprinkle some solar fairy dust that glows at night, add in a dragon, and fall in love with your secret garden.

Solar garden fairy sits in an enchanted garden with a solar lantern lighting the night

Best Solar Garden Fairy Decor

These pretty, fanciful solar fairies will bring pure magic to your garden. Sculptural and artistic, some have a warm white glow while others cycle through colors. Approximately 10″ tall, they are made out of durable polyresin.

Be sure to see the best solar fairy light in our review of the Best Solar Lanterns

Best Decorative Dragon Solar Garden Lights

Fairies and dragons create the ultimate fantasy garden. These beautifully detailed statues are an excellent choice for castle theme lovers.

Solar dragon castle guardian

Solar Dragon Guardian of Styx Castle Statue

  • Solar castle dragon holds a solar LED lantern
  • Hand-painted, polished resin
  • Exquisitely detailed
  • 17.5″ tall, 15″ long and 12.5″ deep
  • Exclusive Collection

Dungeon guardian dragon solar light sculpture

Dungeon Guardian Dragon Solar Light

  • Amazingly detailed sculpture
  • Hand-painted, polished composite resin
  • Not weatherproof, use polyurethane first
  • 21″ tall, 8.5″ Long and 8.5″ Wide
  • Exclusive Collection

Gothic winged solar gargoyle statue

Gothic Winged Gargoyle Statue

  • Gargoyle perched on a column
  • Solar lantern light fixture on top
  • Hand painted, polished resin & polystone
  • Not weatherproof, use polyurethane first
  • 20″ Tall, 8″ Wide and 6″ Deep
  • Exclusive Collection

Dragon with solar globe garden sculpture

Dragon Garden Sculpture with Solar Globe

  • Iron Dragon Statue
  • Color-Changing Globe
  • Colorful & weather durable
  • 2 feet Tall
  • High quality metal sculpture
  • 2″ Soft Light Solar Pearl

Cute baby dragon with butterfly solar garden statue

Solar Baby Dragon with Butterfly

  • Detailed and artistic sculpture
  • Butterfly glows at night
  • Cast in weather-resistant resin
  • 8¼” L x 6¾” W x 5½” H
  • Exclusive Design

Best Solar Garden Angel Decor

These angels will bless your garden with beauty and tranquility. Made of high-quality polyresin, they’re excellent outdoor decorations with a celestial glow.

Best Decorative Solar Garden Gnome Designs

Garden gnomes are available in many charming and funny designs, and adding solar to them enhances their humor and beauty. Like a country Western song, these sculptures always have a story to tell. Here are a few of my favorites.

Good time 420 bud buddies gnome solar statue

Good Time Bud Buddies Gnome Statue

  • Hand-painted, high-quality craftsmanship
  • Chillin’ Gnomes Eating Chips & Smoking Weed
  • Bong glows at night
  • Playful & Funny
  • Cast in durable resin material
  • 10″ Tall
  • Check out his 4:20 Gnome Buddy

Kissing garden gnomes solar statue

Garden Gnomes Kissing Statue

Solar fairy garden gnome cottage statue by Teresa's collection

Fairy Garden Cottage Statue

7. Solar Wind Spinners

Solar wind spinners create a spectacular show both day and night. Every garden needs one of these kinetic sculptures, and there are beautiful designs to fit every budget.

Best Solar Wind Spinners

Four blade solar wind spinner

Gala 4 Blade Solar Wind Spinner

  • Solar galvanized wind spinner 
  • Spectacular show both day & night
  • Four Solar panels and four independent blades
  • Sturdy metal for years of durability
  • Solar panels are beautifully hidden in the spinner
  • 24″ x 20.75″ x 84″

Colorful cups solar metal wind spinner with amazing wind and solar powered motion

Colorful Cups Solar Metal Wind Spinner

  • Radiant metal spinner
  • Colorful cups rotate around the outer ring
  • Solar panel lights the crackled glass orb
  • Sturdy metal for years of durability
  • Orb changes colors as it lights up
  • 27.5″ Dia. x 10″ D x 75.5″ H
  • Check out how cool it is in the video below

3D Kinetic solar wind spinner

3D Kinetic Wind Spinner

  • Stunning kinetic metal wind spinner yard art
  • Solar-powered Multi-Color LED Glass Ball
  • Brushed bronze finish
  • Stability stake at the base
  • Ambient color changing solar light 
  • 21″ in diameter, 84″ tall when staked, plus an 11″ fork 
  • Crackle glass ball between two tiers of spinning blades

Solar metal petal kinetic wind spinner

Solar Metal Petal Kinetic Wind Spinner

  • Stunning kinetic metal wind spinner yard art
  • 3.5″ diameter solar glass ball emits colorful color light by night
  • Brushed bronze finish
  • Stability stake at the base
  • Ball bearing construction spins freely in the lightest wind
  • 21″ in diameter, 84″ tall when staked, plus an 11″ fork 
  • Crackle glass ball between two tiers of spinning blades

Dark blue metal solar wind spinner

Dark Blue Metal Solar Wind Spinner

  • 3D kinetic art solar wind spinner
  • 3.5″ multi-colored LED solar glass ball
  • Brushed bronze finish
  • Stability stake at the base
  • Blades spin in different directions with a light breeze
  • 75″ tall when staked, plus an 11″ stake 
  • Crackle glass ball above tiers of side spinning blades

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