The Best Solar Lantern By Style

The best solar lantern styles and models are both elegant and decorative. Find the perfect choice to embellish your outdoor space with our solar lantern style guide!

Solar Lantern FAQ

Beautiful Solar Lantern Styles

Beautiful and decorative solar lantern for your garden and patio

Lanterns evoke mystery and adventure. We associate lanterns with genies, Halloween, and nights under the stars away from home. If you’re looking for a solar lantern for your outdoor adventures, or to bring a little magic to your home, there’s an impressive selection to choose from in our guide. To maintain your lights, be sure to read How To Clean & Care For Solar Lights In 3 Easy Steps.

1. Best Solar Camping Lantern

When you’re camping or spending the night away from electric power, solar powered lanterns are the perfect light source. Many are inflatable, foldable, and even floatable. Never get stuck in an emergency situation without a charged phone or bright light! My favorite camping lantern has a powerful LED light AND a phone charger.

A man hiking in a dark forest with a solar camping Luminaid lantern that is glowing and lighting his way.
This High Quality Solar Powered Camping Lantern Doubles As Cell Phone Charger

LuminAID PackLite Hero Supercharger

Both a phone charger and a solar light, this camping lantern is a powerhouse! Packing 300 Lumens of bright white light in Turbo Mode, it can charge your phone via a USB port in 2 hours. It has a 4000 Mah battery that’s charged by its solar panel. This Luminaid model lasts for days in low-power mode. Its collapsible design folds up flat like a cell phone. It has five light modes, including an emergency SOS flashing mode. It’s lightweight, inflatable, 100% waterproof, and highly durable. The versatility of the Luminaid Packlite HERO makes it our top solar camping lantern.

Watch The LuminAID Packlite Hero 2-in-1 In Action

LuminAID PackLite Hero 2-in-1 Supercharger

Collapsible Camping Lantern

A phone charger and a bright solar lantern, this camping lantern is as small as your phone when collapsed! 6+1 high-intensity LED chips, energy efficient/with a wide visibility range. Doubles as both a lantern & a flashlight. This super affordable and highly rated camping lantern rivals its higher-priced competitors in every way. I keep one of these in each car. The lantern is very lightweight yet extremely sturdy. The brightness adjusts by how much you open the top lid. It is a brilliant design and comes in a close second to the Luminaid. It is my top pick for best value!

2. Best Moroccan Solar Lantern

Moroccan lanterns create a magical shadow pattern when light glows through them. When the wind blows your hanging lantern, it’s a dancing kaleidoscope of intricate shapes. A simple, ancient concept that dazzles to this day, they are more popular than ever, and solar power charges them for hours of light.

Beautiful blue moroccan solar lantern glowing with LED lights and casting intricate shadow shapes all around

Moroccan Lanterns In Dazzling Designs

With many designs, shapes, and colors, picking one of these metal beauties comes down to your taste and the space it will illuminate with its outdoor ambient light. Solar-powered Moroccan lanterns are charged by direct sunlight and have long-lasting battery life, giving them a gentle glow at night. Which of these is your favorite?

Beautiful Moroccan Solar Lanterns

Go2garden Solar Large Lanterns Outdoor Waterproof 800mAh Hanging Garden Lights Metal Decorative Lantern for Table, Patio, Courtyard, Party, Garden,Valentines Gifts (1 Pack, Teal Blue)

Moroccan Teal Lantern

Teal blue with a warm light

4 Pack Solar Lanterns Outdoor Garden Decor - OxyLED Solar Lights Decorative Lantern Waterproof 4 Colors LED Hanging Solar Powered with Handle for Outside Patio Yard Fence Pathway, Gardening Gifts

4 Pack Color Lanterns

Red, blue, green, and yellow

TAKE ME Solar Lanterns Outdoor Waterproof Garden Lanterns Metal Leaf Pattern Christmas Gifts (1)

Swirling Leafy Lantern

Leaves swirl in weathered metal

Maggift 2 Pack Star Solar Lantern Solar Powered Decorative Hanging lights for Indoor Outdoor Halloween Christmas Garden Patio Yard Holiday Party

Maggift Star Lantern

Gypsy lantern with golden stars

Deco&Dot 2Pack Solar Lanterns Outdoor, Waterproof Hanging Solar Lantern Garden Decor, Solar Lantern Lights for Backyard Porch Patio Table Yard Balcony Lawn Pathway (Sunflower)

Sunflower Floral Lantern

Flowers glowing in your garden

Mosaic Solar Lanterns Outdoor Bohemian Solar Lantern Outdoor Waterproof Blue Mosaic Table Light Turkish Moroccan Lamp Mosaic Decorations Yard Patio Table Decor for Garden

Bohemian Lantern

Cool spiral shadows

3. Best Oriental Solar Lantern

Oriental lanterns originated in China and Japan and are made of paper or silk stretched around bamboo. With a glowing candle within, the ancients released the glowing orbs to the heavens to commemorate ancestors.

Chinese solar lanterns glow colorfully with an oriental charm

Today, these balloon-like luminaries still create an exotic ambiance, but now they glow thanks to soft white LEDs and are powered by a solar panel cleverly hidden in the cap on top.

Solar Chinese Hanging Lanterns

Hanging Solar Chinese Lanterns - Set of 2 Waterproof Nylon Solar Japanese Lantern Lighting for Outdoor Garden Patio Carport Courtyard Backyard Decoration - Warm White

These Chinese lanterns’ sublime, pure colors create the perfect mood for parties and festive party evenings. At 12″, they’re bigger than most Oriental solar LED lanterns and are a beautiful light source. Illuminate your garden parties with these eight energy-saving lanterns to spark joy in your nights.

4. Best Vintage Solar Lantern

A vintage-style solar lantern is the perfect marriage between old-fashioned style and modern tech when you’re going for the rustic cabin feel. Two minimalist solar-powered metal lanterns stand out above the rest for vintage decor. Better yet, they are 100% solar-powered!

TomCare Solar Lights Metal Flickering Flame Solar Lantern Outdoor Hanging Lanterns Lighting Heavy Duty Solar Powered Waterproof LED Flame Lights for Patio Garden Christmas Decorations, 2 Pack (Bronze)

Bronze Vintage Lantern

These Bronze Vintage Lanterns look like real “flame” lanterns. Features warm dancing LED lights. The retro style makes for unique rustic decor, a heavy-duty metal frame, and durable and high-grade quality. There are two in the box, along with two Shepherd hooks.

pearlstar Solar Lantern Outdoor Hanging Light Metal Solar Lamp with Warm White Edison Bulb Design for Garden Yard Patio Proch Decor(Black)

Copper Vintage Lantern

The Pearlstar Copper Vintage Solar Lantern has a rustic style reminiscent of traditional hurricane lanterns. The warm filament-style light shines in the intricate copper caging. This simple yet lovely lantern evokes first-class quality and minimalist style in a bygone era.

Beautiful woman gazing into a decorative, red solar lantern that glows and sparkles with light and star shapes

5. Best Decorative Solar Lanterns

A decorative solar lantern is for you when you want a showpiece that doubles as a gorgeous night light. There are many artistic and fanciful designs to choose from that reflect the style of your home and garden. Much like Moroccan lanterns, there is a wide variety, so you’re sure to find one that captures your fancy. Check out some of my favorite styles with cleverly concealed solar panels.

Best Themed Decorative Solar Lanterns

These colorful, whimsical-themed lanterns feature butterflies, flowers, hummingbirds, and peacocks.

Best Artisan Look Decorative Lantern

Exhart Outdoor Garden Solar Lights, Round Glass and Metal Hanging Lantern, 15 Firefly LED Lights, 7 x 20 Inch, Green

Exhart Outdoor Garden Solar Lights, Tear-Shaped Glass and Metal Hanging Lantern, 15 Firefly LED Lights, 7 x 24 Inch, Lavender

To truly appreciate the beauty of Exhart artisan lanterns, visit their Solar Lantern Store on Amazon

Exhart’s translucent glass hanging lanterns feature hand-blown glass with metal caging hung on long metal chains. Inside the hand-blown glass are firefly LED accent lights. These exquisite hanging solar powered lamps are crafted with industry-grade glass, designed for outdoor use.

6. Best Mason Jar Solar Lanterns

Mason jars have the perfect design for solar lanterns. The solar panel is integrated into the lid, and the jar is filled with LED lights to give Mom’s mason jar a brand new jam. Mason jar lights are made of strings of LED fairy lights twined into unique mason jars for a magical home-spun glow.

Fairy Lights Mason Jar

KAIXOXIN Solar Lantern Lights Ideal for Great Gifts White Frosted Glass Hanging Jar Solar Lights Outdoor Decorative 20 Warm White Mini LED String Lights (Fairy) (1, Fairy)

Ethereal design with a braided hemp handle

7 Colors Mason Jar

Mlambert Multicolor RGB Mason Jar Solar Lights 30 LEDs, 6 Pack Hanging Outdoor Waterproof Fairy Lights Solar Lanterns Hangers and Jars Included

 Bright and beautiful colored fairy lights

Mom’s Classic Mason Jar

Solar Mason Jar Lights, Large Size Bigger Glass Mason Jar with 30 LEDs Fairy Firefly String Lights, Best Patio Yard Desktop Party Decor Outdoor Solar Hanging Lanterns (6-Pack)

Filled with warm white fairy lights

Crackled Glass Mason Jar

Solar Hanging Mason Jar Lights 20 LED Starry Fairy String Table Lamps Decorative Cracked Glass Jar for Court Yard Patio Decoration Garden Tree Outdoor Decorative Party Decoration, Warm White, 1 Pack

 Extra-large globe with 30 bright LEDs

7. Best Classic Retro Solar Lanterns

There lives a timeless elegance in these exceptionally crafted solar lanterns. They feature flickering LED lights for a true candle effect. Constructed of heavy-duty metal with a rustproof finish and classic designs, these solar-powered lanterns have lighting modes to suit your mood. The dancing flame in these four popular designs will create a warm ambiance in your garden.

Beautiful solar lantern lights up a dark corner of a yard by glowing softly on a bench

You’ve seen the best solar lantern styles. Here are the key points to remember:

  • Solar-powered products need direct sunlight without shading for the best operation
  • No wiring, electricity, or recharging is needed
  • While these are water resistant, bring them in during extreme weather for the longest life
  • If you get a defective unit, return it for a replacement after fully charging and testing it
  • Less is More: Lighting effects are most dramatic against darkness. Don’t use too many lights
  • Consider the location when picking a style
  • Highlight an alluring area of your yard
  • For camping lanterns, go for durability, portability, and battery life
  • Choose warm white LED solar lights for maximum ambiance
  • Solar-powered camping lanterns can be used as emergency lights and chargers
  • Most importantly, pick a lantern that sparks joy and mystery in your garden at night

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