Do you like to attract birds and other wildlife to your garden? Are you a bird lover? Then you need to check out solar bird bath fountains. Bird bath fountains can help make your garden more inviting for everyone, especially the birds.

Birds Love Solar-Powered Water Fountains

Solar birdbaths don’t require electricity to operate. They use solar energy thanks to their solar panels. The bubblers purify and maintain the flow of water inside the fountain. Birds can drink and bathe in the cool water, and they love to do this!

Benefits Of Solar Bird Bath Fountains

A solar-powered birdbath fountain provides a clean water source for birds. The fountain also saves the time and effort of having to refill your bird bath every day.

A solar birdbath is easy to install. Just place it in an area that receives direct sunlight and enjoy watching nature come alive around your home!

Save Money On Electricity

A solar fountain operates on free, clean energy! Instead of using electricity to run the birdbath pump, it draws its solar power from sunlight.

You’ll also be able to save money on electric bills because these fountains don’t require any electrical outlet or power. If you don’t have access to electricity in the garden or want a more eco-friendly option, these fountains are perfect for you.

Two birds bathe in a birdbath fountain

Top Features Of Solar Bird Bath Fountains

Important Features Of Solar Bird Bath Fountains

  • The fountain has various nozzles that create interesting water patterns
  • There’s a high-quality solar panel either in the bowl or just outside of it
  • All components are made from high-quality materials that will last for years 
  • Attractive design that blends into any backyard décor
  • The pump has a powerful motor
  • The bowl and pedestal are sized properly for birds and is stable
  • The motor has an auto-shutoff function to protect it if it’s clogged or the water level is low

Optional Features Of Solar Bird Bath Fountains

  • Battery to store solar power, so the fountain runs at night or when it’s cloudy
  • Lights for night operation if there is a battery (see above)
  • Intuitive circuitry allows the fountain to continue to work even if a single cell stops working
  • Heating element to prevent freezing and keep the water temp moderate

The 2 Elements: The Birdbath & The Solar Fountain

There are two parts that make up a solar birdbath fountain: the bird bath and the solar power fountain. You can buy the birdbath and fountain integrated in one unit, or as separate components. You can substitute a bubbler for a fountain, which can be a practical choice.

A bird is wet from bathing in a solar bird bath fountain

If you already have a bird bath, then you only need a solar-powered water pump. If not, then review the pros and cons of getting an all-in-one or separate components. Get to know the important parts of each below.

Bird Bath Components:

The Bowl

If you’re looking to ensure that your birdbath stays sparkling clear, get a deep bowl that holds a high volume of water, so the fountain creates flowing, gentle currents. A deep bowl provides an enjoyable bathing experience for birds and also helps to decrease evaporation and algae build-up to keep the water clean. There are single or double-tiered fountain bowls available.

The Pedestal

The design of the pedestal and its integration with the bowl is an important style element to consider. It should be sturdy, well-balanced, and look beautiful in your garden. Pick a pedestal that fits the space in width and height and looks natural in its environment.

The Materials

Since birds constantly use the birdbath to cool off and clean up, it should be made with durable and weather-resistant materials. The most common types are made from stone, glass, ceramic, plastic, and cement. Whatever the material, be sure it has a high-quality finish to protect it from the elements over time.

Stone and cement are very durable, but they can be heavy to move around and are expensive. Glass and ceramic are more delicate but very pretty. Plastic is inexpensive but doesn’t last long with gallons of water running in it. Other elements in your garden will set the tone for the best material for your fountain.

Beautifully designed solar bird bath fountains

The Design

The solar garden fountain design is one of the key aspects that you need to keep in mind. It should fit perfectly in your outdoor space. Whether whimsical or elegant, choose a style that enhances your yard’s ambiance.

There are many styles: Pedestal single bowl and double bowl, sculptural with multiple bowls, hanging, low to the ground, small for hummingbirds and smaller birds. Birds are adaptive creatures, but some prefer not to use hanging baths because they sway when they are on their edge.

The pretty birdbath Solar Glass Blue Birdbath Yard Art seen below uses solar technology in a unique way, to add a glowing light as twilight falls.

Homight Solar Glass Blue Bird Bath, Yard Art,Garden Outdoor Birdbath with Metal Stake with White LED Light Metal Stake Garden Decor Gifts

Solar Water Fountain Components:

The Pump

A high-quality pump is worth the investment if you want it to last. Features like fail-safe controls will stop the pump from running if the water is low or the filter is clogged, extending the pump’s life. It should be strong enough for consistent water flow. The pump determines the pressure. The more water pressure, the taller the water fountain display.

More powerful pumps require more solar power, using backup battery power faster. More water will spill out of the birdbath if the bowl isn’t big enough. If there is no water, the water pump will fail. That’s why it’s important to have an automatic shut-off if there is low water.

Spray Heads & Nozzles

Most solar fountains come with a variety of water nozzles or spray heads so you can customize the way the fountain sprays water. You can switch the heads to get the desired effect.

If the spray is too high for the bowl, water will spill out and quickly dissipate. If you don’t want the birdbath emptying too fast, removing the spray heads creates a small bubbling fountain or opt for a bubbler instead. The water lasts much longer this way, especially in smaller bowls. Bigger baths can have higher water sprays.


A solar bubbler is a great solution if you just want to keep the water flowing in the bowl without any fountain effects. Removing the spray nozzle from most solar fountains creates a bubbler.

The Solar Panel

Solar birdbath fountains have 3 options for the solar panel:

Combined components in an all-in-one unit

  • Pros: Clean-looking design & ease of installation. The panel is included with the birdbath and is sized perfectly
  • Cons: If the solar unit or battery fails, you must replace the entire unit. There are fewer design choices and options.

A non-integrated solar fountain that floats on or sits in the water

  • Pros: It works with any birdbath, so there are unlimited designs to choose from. You can replace the solar component if it breaks.
  • Cons: You have to shop for a solar fountain that fits the birdbath properly. Bowl and fountain may not work well together.

A solar panel that sits on the ground outside of the birdbath

  • Pros: This provides the most powerful solar power. The panel is placed in direct sunlight, while the birdbath can be shaded.
  • Cons: The power cord needs to run into the bowl. The visibility of the solar panel and its cord may be distracting to your garden’s beauty. Note that some integrated units (see #1 above) also have a free-standing solar panel for maximum power.

The solar panel and circuitry should be top quality and highly weather proof. A bigger panel with the highest efficiency will produce the most power.

Backup Battery

Without a battery, you can’t run your fountain at night or in cloudy weather. Solar needs sunlight to work. Batteries store power so the fountain can run when the sun isn’t brightly shining, even at night.

Batteries come in different sizes and store different amounts of power. Bigger batteries give more power to the pump for longer periods of time. Battery power allows fountains to have pretty nighttime light displays.

Choosing The Best Solar Bird Bath Fountain

Picking a solar fountain that creates a relaxing atmosphere is easy when you keep in mind simple elements of garden design. What you want is a bird bath that looks natural in your existing outdoor space.

The best solar bird bath fountains

The Best Solar Bird Bath Fountains

We have done a lot of research and reviewing of solar bird bath fountains. We also found a few other related items that we loved and so we included them too.

There are a lot of fantastic and beautiful bird bath fountains at different price points. We’ve put together a list of these products and their pros and cons to help you make a decision. Some are all-in-one and some are the individual parts.

All-In-One Solar Bird Bath Fountains

You can’t go wrong with these gorgeous bird bath fountains featuring a built-in solar panel!

Best All-In-One Fountain

Sunnydaze Fairy Flower 42-Inch Solar Fountain with Battery Backup and LED Lights - Submersible Pump - Resin and Fiberglass

Beautiful and easy to put together, this fountain has a battery and LED lights for a sparkling evening glow

Sunnydaze Fairy Flower Solar with Battery Backup Outdoor Water Fountain – Outside Garden and Patio Water Feature with Rechargeable Solar Battery – 42-Inch

Pros: Sculptural design and weathered stone finish. Powerful solar that comes with a battery. High quality system

Cons: High-end price. Ground level solar panel must be placed nearby in full sun. Lightweight feel

Sunnydaze Fairy Flower Solar with Battery Backup Outdoor Water Fountain - SL-0277 *

Best Budget All-In-One Fountain

Smart Living 20222R01 Sunflower Birdbath

This sunflower birdbath has an integrated solar panel. Birds love it!

Smart Living 20222R01 Sunflower Birdbath

Pros: Affordable, integrated system, easy to set up and clean. Cute sunflower design on lovely glass bowl

Cons: No battery back up, only works in direct sunlight. The solar fountain is not replaceable when it stops working

Best Design All-In-One Fountain

Smart Solar 25373M01 Louisa Birdbath, Blue

This cobalt blue birdbath with hand-laid flowers is beautiful in any garden

Smart Solar 25373M01 Louisa Birdbath, Blue

Pros: Colorful and unique design, integrated system, with solid construction. It includes a bubbler and 360-degree spray topper. Hand-laid floral design and classic styling

Cons: One of the more expensive fountains. It’s popular, so it sells out often. The fountain is not the highest quality but is replaceable

25373R01 Louisa Ceramic Flower Solar Birdbath HD 1080

All-In-One Designs vs Components

The bird bath fountains above are All-In-One designs that combine all elements for you so you don’t have to piecemeal them together. But you may prefer to pick a birdbath that you love, then buy a solar fountain for it and create a custom solar bird bath fountain! Our picks for the best solar fountains and several gorgeous bird baths are below.

Solar Fountains Pumps

Turn any birdbath or pond into a beautiful fountain with our top picks!

Best Solar Fountain Pump

ATMOREA Solar Fountain,20W Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump, Solar Pump Built-in 4800mAh Battery, Fountain Water Pump Kit with 5 Nozzles for Bird Bath|Pond|Pool|Fish Tank|Garden Decoration|Outdoor

Crave the soothing sight and sound of a fountain both day and night? How about with colored lights? This solar powered fountain is beautiful day or night, rain or shine!

DIY Solar Fountain Pump for Water Feature Outdoor Solar Bird Bath Fountain

Pros: Powerful 6.5-watt solar panel plus a whopping 4800 mAh backup battery and a full boat of lights and fountain nozzle heads make this the easy winner. The back is covered with filters, preventing debris from clogging the pump.

Cons: Sinks in deep water. Some fountain settings may be too powerful for small birds. It needs a wide bowl to accommodate its tall fountain spray

Best Budget Solar Fountain

AISITIN 3.5W LED Solar Fountain for Birdbath, Solar Water Fountains with 3000mAh 6 Nozzles, Solar Powered Fountain Pump Solar Fountain for Garden Birdbath Pool Fish Tank

Great value! This solar fountain comes with a battery and 6 Nozzles, plus LED lights. The most value for your dollar

AISITIN 3.5W LED Solar Fountain for Birdbath, Solar Water Fountains with 3000mAh Battery 6 Nozzles, Solar Powered Fountain Pump Solar Fountain for Garden Birdbath Pond Pool Fish Tank Outdoor

Pros: Fail-safe protection function and filtration box to protect the pump. Seven Spray Patterns & 5 Colors, plus 6 spray patterns. Colors automatically cycle for pretty night views. It has a 3000 mAh backup battery

Cons: Suction cups on bottom don’t work well

Best In-Ground Solar Panel Fountain

This solar bird bath fountain kit comes with 6 different nozzles that can be easily changed to get different jet shapes to prevent water from splashing nearby.

AISITIN DIY Solar Water Pump Kit for Water Feature Outdoor, Solar Powered Water Fountain Pump with 6 Nozzles for Bird Bath, Ponds, Garden, Fish Tank

AISITIN DIY Solar Water Pump Kit for Water Feature Outdoor, Solar Powered Water Fountain Pump with 6 Nozzles for Bird Bath and Ponds

Pros: This solar powered fountain pump has high efficiency and large area solar panel which can provide strong power and the height of water depends on the intensity of sunlight. Upgraded 1.5W solar water pump, it has a longer service life of more than 20,000 hours compared to ordinary solar fountain pumps.

Cons: The exterior solar panel must have direct sunlight and could detract from your garden

Designer Birdbaths For Outdoor Gardens

These birdbaths will be the focal point of your garden!

Designer Elegance

Click your favorite design for more details


Click your favorite hand painted glass birdbath for more details

For more solar garden decor inspiration, check out our Decorator’s Guide To A Solar Garden

How To Install Your Solar Bird Bath Fountain

Place it in an area that gets lots of direct sunlight and where the ground is level and solid. Be sure your hose can reach it for easy refilling.

Birdbaths provide a habitat and water source for migratory birds. It is important to make sure that the birdbath is clean and safe for the birds.

How To Clean Your Solar Bird Bath Fountain

Clean your birdbath at least once every month to stop bacteria and other critters from living in it. You can use a brush or other tools to scrub off any dirt or debris around the rim of the basin. Remove any gunk or scum from the bottom. Inspect it for any cracks or issues, such as rust on metal parts, and repair it if needed.

Do not use soap or detergent when cleaning because they may harm the water quality of the bath so birds can drink from it in peace without any unwanted chemicals in their way. Lastly, use a hose and spray nozzle to rinse the bowl until all traces of soap and residue are gone before filling it up with fresh water again.

What Type Of Birds Are Drawn To A Bird Bath?

Once you install your bird bath and fill it with clean water, all kinds of birds will come. Your feathered friends will visit a birdbath that’s deep enough to provide an enjoyable and safe bathing experience. A 1-3 inch depth accommodates any size or variety, and you may have many different species visiting at once!

Beautifully designed solar birdbath fountains are inviting to birds

The height and width of the bath matter. Smaller birds like hummingbirds prefer smaller and taller baths, while larger birds prefer to drink from lower, wider baths.

Tips For Using Solar Birdbath Fountains

As somebody who adores all types of birds, I am always looking for new ways to indulge my passion while taking care of my feathered friends! This is why following a few of these pro tips keeps all of us happy.

Clean Your Pump Often

Check your pump for debris and clogging. Clean the system of bird waste and organic material at regular intervals. Change the water periodically, and don’t let it get too low. This is not good, both for the pump and the birds.

Use a stiff-bristle brush to clean the pump. You can use a diluted bleach solution if the birdbath is really dirty. Learn about cleaning solar lights in this post.

FAQ: Questions About Solar Bird Baths

Not Just For The Birds

A solar birdbath with a fountain is a wonderful addition to any backyard, but there are important considerations when purchasing one. It looks great and offers a soothing ambiance, and it also attracts wildlife and offers birds fresh water. As this product runs on solar energy, your running costs are low, which means that you don’t have to keep replacing batteries or use electricity for power cords!

Finding the best solar bird bath fountains for your garden can be difficult. There are many models out there, and they all have different features to consider, so it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we put together this list of the top products on the market right now with links you can use today when you find one that suits you! Happy shopping!