Light Your Pool With The Best Floating Pool Lights

Create a magical setting for nights by the swimming pool or pond with solar-powered floating pool lights. These brilliant, energy-saving LED lights glow for up to 12 hours when fully charged. They’re solar powered, so you never plug them in. Just let them float in the swimming pool, and their solar panel charges in the sun, and the LED pool lights will automatically glow at dusk for up to 12 hours of light.

The Best floating pool lights that are solar powered

Solar Pool Lights Are Perfect For Parties

Parties are perfect when the pool is lit by these beautiful solar lights, and kids love night swimming with floating lights. If you’re having a party, choose specialty shapes, like flowers for a Bridal Shower. You will create an oasis that is gorgeously lit, and the light mode options give you design flexibility. There are many choices, and the quality varies greatly, so we created a guide of the best floating lights that are solar-powered.

Cool white floating solar pool lights give a swimming pool a haunting glow at night after charging all day

Floating Pool Lights Glow In The Dark

Solar pool lights provide the benefit of light during nighttime swimming hours, making it more fun and safe to swim at night thanks to balls of light illuminating the pool. Solar-powered lights create a magical setting and turn an ordinary pool into a dreamscape. Available in many styles, solar pool lights don’t need to be charged. Many models have cool remotes that control the color-cycling features and are safe pool toys for kids to play with.

Solar power floating pool lights create romantic ambience in a pool at dusk

I’ve tried many solar-powered lights over the years, from tiki torches to path lights and even Christmas lights. One thing you learn quickly is that some products are excellent, hold a charge well, and shine a luminous golden, multicolored, or white light, while older solar lights are weak and unreliable. Energy-efficient solar pool lighting only requires direct sunlight to turn the solar energy stored in the battery into a gorgeous lighting solution.

Solar pool lights charge during the day

Floating Solar Pool Lights Are Safe

Floating solar pool lights don’t create dangerous electrical currents and are safe to use. They charge the internal battery with power from the sun during the day. This creates usable solar power that lights them up automatically at night. The tech of solar pool lights is the same technology as all solar-powered gear. The solar panel captures energy, and it’s stored in a battery. So it charges in the sun by day and starts to glow at dusk, shining for up to 10 hours at night, for free, every day that it’s sunny.

The best floating pool lights are solar-powered pool lights

Our guide to the best floating solar pool lights will help you pick the best floating solar-powered lights for outdoor pools and ponds and give you ideas about how to add ambiance and a magical glow to your poolscape at night with beautiful light. If you want to add a fountain to your pool, find the best solar fountains in our solar birdbath fountain review.

The 5 Best Solar-Powered Floating Pool Lights

We picked 5 different styles of solar-powered floating pool lights in our list of the best solar pool lights so you can see the varieties available. Many floating LED lights have different lighting modes and a variety of features, such as colorful lights with display options via remote control.

1. Solar Flamingo Floating Pool Lights

Solar Flamingo Pool Lights earn our top pick for the best floating pool light, and I recommend this 4 pack to fill your pool with pretty pink flamingoes. They’re great for parties and safe for the kids to play with in the pool. Made of high-quality vinyl, they are waterproof and durable. You don’t need to turn these off or on; they come on automatically at night and recharge during the day, so easy! They look great in the pool, and the lawn and are perfect for evenings at the beach. These solar-powered flamingoes earn our top pick as the best floating pool light.

Rukars Solar Floating Lights 4 PCS, Flamingo Floating Pool Lights Solar Powered Glow Lights, Waterproof Auto On/Off LED Solar Lights Outdoor Decorative for Garden, Path, Yard, Patio, Party

Create Miami vibes in your pool with bright pink iconic flamingo pool lights. These glowing and glamorous floaters are pretty and durable and are loved by kids and adults for the ultimate coolness. They are eye-catching by day and stunningly beautiful at night!

2. Floating Globes Solar Powered Pool Lights

This 4-pack of colorful Floating Ball Solar Pool Lights features four 14″ glowing globes that are both durable and beautiful. Float them in the pool by day, and they will glow at night. Their LEDs emit 8 hours of light after charging in the sunlight. The floating light balls swirl through red, blue, green, and white, automatically changing colors every 15 seconds. Their soft light won’t irritate the eyes; they softly enhance your night swims and evenings by the pool. They’re waterproof and rugged enough to be tossed around in the pool since they are vinyl like a beach ball.

Floating Pool Lights - 4Pcs 14'' Solar Pool Lights for Above Ground Pools with Remote, Inflatable Wateproof RGB LED Ball Light Orb Float or Hang for Garden Backyard Pool Party Decorations Accessories

These solar globe-shaped floating pool lights have classic beachball styling that sets them apart from the hard vinyl ones. They have a nozzle just like an inflatable pool ball, they float effortlessly and can be tossed around just like a beach ball, but they have the added magic of glowing after dark. At the valve, they have a loop so you can string them up and hang them from your trees and patios for outdoor party lights at night. These beautiful, glowing globes add an easy wow factor as they float around and cycle through colors. The 4-pack is an impressive value for the price.

3. Full Moon Floating Pool Lights Solar Powered

These fantastic floating pool lights are durable and ethereal. Always have a full moon glowing on the water! You can display a warm or cool light or automatically cycle between them by pressing the button. Set the colors to suit your mood.

The high-quality solar-powered Full Moon Floating Pool Lights have the durability and wow factor all next-generation solar gadgets should have. The simple, intuitive design creates ambiance effortlessly. Waterproof and wind resistant, they have a weighted base and float elegantly, yet are durable and sturdy enough for pool play. Create the perfect outdoor mood with these beauties.

TIALLY Full Moon Floating Pool Lights – 14” Solar Pool Lights That Float, Led Pool Light Glow Ball - Pool Accessories and Gifts for Pool Owners - Set of 2 Led Balls

4. Beautiful Solar Pool Balls

Light up your pool with our cool solar floating lights! They soak up sunlight during the day and glow brightly at night. Just let them float around in your pool – they move with the water and the wind, making a really neat light show. These lights make your pool area look awesome and it’s super relaxing to watch them. Plus, they’re solar-powered, so they’re good for the environment. Every evening, get ready for a fun and colorful display right in your own backyard!

LENONE Solar Floating Pool Lights, 7-Inch LED Colored Light Up Solar Pool Balls, Waterproof Solar Powered Pool Lights That Float, Multicolor Solar Floating Lights for Pool Pond Garden Party Decor-2PCS

They’re really well-made and charge up easily. I just leave them on my south-facing deck, and they automatically light up at night. They last until I’m off to bed – which is saying something!
The three lighting patterns are steady on, slow fade and flashing. I usually have them in steady on or “breathing” slow fade mode.”

Just switch on these solar lights, throw them in, and watch the show! They charge up in the sunshine and light up beautifully for hours after dark. You can choose to keep them glowing steadily or make them flash. I’ve had mine for a while, and they’re still going strong – I’m even looking forward to using them next summer! I have both the warm white and the multi-color versions, and they’re fantastic.

LENONE Solar Floating Pool Lights, Warm White LED Solar Glow Globe Pool Lights That Float, Waterproof Light up LED Pool Accessories, 7” Floating Lights for Pool Yard Patio Party Christmas Decor - 2PCS

5. The Sharper Image Solar Powered Underwater Light Show

Our final pick is something amazing from the Sharper Image. Yes, they still are making cutting edge, crazy cool gear, and their solar-powered underwater light show is proof. The Solar Powered Underwater Light Show turns any pool into a festive visual experience. Just press a button for a never-ending cycle of colors. Take it out of the pool and turn it upside down, and the colored light show projects on walls and ceilings.

When the sun goes down, the fun begins! The Solar Powered Underwater Light Show turns any pool into a disco party. Just press a button to turn it on, and place it in your pool. A dancing cycle of color-changing lights creates an instant party atmosphere that your guests will love. It charges directly from the sun, so there are no plugs or chargers required.

Throw A Disco Pool Party!

Operates for 4-6 hours on a full charge. Kids and adults love this for evening pool parties. You can remove it from the pool and have a light show on the walls. So easy to use and made with the Sharper Image standard of quality. The Solar-powered Underwater Light Show is a hot item and sells out frequently on Sharper Image, so get one while you can.

Create Perfect Poolside Ambiance With Solar Floating Lights

With such a wide variety to choose from, there’s a floating pool light for every occasion. Extend the use of your pool at night with these easy to use and affordable floating pool lights. Dive in and choose the one that will light up your life.

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