When you’re in an emergency situation, the last thing you want is to be left in the dark. You need a flashlight that can keep working for days without electrical charging or batteries. The best solar flashlights will help you weather the storm and even save your life in emergency conditions!

In a power outage, you can use your phone as a light source, but what if the battery dies? Solar flashlights have built-in phone chargers that can recharge your phone AND give you dependable light, plus much more.

An Emergency Preparedness checklist always has a flashlight as a top priority item

Why Are Solar Powered Flashlights the Best Option?

Unlike an ordinary flashlight, a solar flashlight is an ingenious light source that can be used when the grid goes down or there’s no power at all, like camping and hiking in the wilderness. It has incredible advantages over conventional battery-powered flashlights in that you can use it as an emergency charger for your mobile devices if necessary!

Solar charging your mobile devices with the built-in solar power bank is a key feature differentiating a standard flashlight from a solar power flashlight. As long as the sun comes up, you will have light and power.

The best solar powered flashlights

How Do Solar Flashlights Work?

A good solar-powered flashlight will always work when you need it to. The best survival kits have at least one rechargeable flashlight that can charge in sunlight with solar power or artificial light like a lamp or car headlights. Some have hand-crank charging too. Regular flashlights are not dependable because they need disposable batteries to work.

With a solar-powered flashlight, your family can access emergency lighting and the communication tools needed for safety during power outages or disasters. If you live in a hurricane, wildfire, or tornado-prone area, you know that having emergency supplies and tools that can multitask is important during inclement weather. 

Solar flashlights work with power from the sun or any lightsource. They can charge mobile devices and also be charged by other means. They have battery storage for long lasting power

A solar-powered flashlight is one of the most versatile devices on the market today – it has everything you could ever need in an emergency kit, all wrapped up into one small package that weighs less than 2 pounds! They make great gifts for anyone who loves spending time outdoors or wants to be ready when disaster strikes.

Notable Features of Our Best Solar Flashlights

Some of the extra survival and emergency features of our 5 best solar-powered flashlights are solar power banks, Bluetooth speakers, reading lights, digital AM/FM weather radio, glass hammers, seat belt cutters, emergency sirens, SOS lights, magnets, multiple light settings and modes, a compass, and a bottle opener!

Most are not just solar-operated flashlights; some are also hand-crank solar radio devices. We narrowed the list down to the best so you can pick the right emergency device for you and only recommend products we would use ourselves and have fully researched and vetted them. CSG may earn a small commission if you buy through links on our site.

The 5 best solar powered flashlights

The Best Solar Flashlights

Our comprehensive guide details everything you need to know regarding the best solar-powered flashlights. We spent hours researching and trying out products and found our favorites in 5 different categories. Each product is designed with a combination of durable material and smart features that makes them as tactical as possible. I keep a few of each stashed strategically around my property, in my solar backpack, and in my vehicle’s glove compartment.

Top Pick: Brightest Solar Flashlight

HybridLight Journey 600 Flashlight & Charger

On a stormy night, you’re at home with the family, and the power goes out. The kids are getting scared, and the entire block is pitch black. Not a single home has power.

If you’re like most people, you don’t want to be without a reliable and powerful flashlight when the power goes out. 

The HybridLight Journey 600 charges mobile devices. It has a sleek black design and 600 lumens of super bright light

That’s why we love the HybridLight Journey 600 Flashlight & Charger! This reliable and sleek flashlight has a super bright light and a built-in lithium battery that holds a charge for 7 years, so it will always be ready to go when needed.

Super Bright 600 Lumens of Light

The ruggedly designed Journey 600 is waterproof. It has a super bright LED bulb at 600 lumens of light output, making it the brightest solar-operated flashlight on our list with the most powerful illumination. You’ll get 35 hours of power and light on one full charge from the 5000 mAh lithium-ion backup battery. Use its USB connection as an emergency power source to charge your mobile devices when you have no electricity. This flashlight has no extra features like a seatbelt cutter, making it safe for kids to use.

The Journey 600 - HybridLight

With its built-in solar panel, the Journey 600 never requires batteries. It’s always ready when you need bright light. Keep one in the car as a power source and emergency light. If you are looking for a rechargeable flashlight that’s safe for kids, reliable for emergency kits, or just something to keep around the house during power outages, then the Journey 600 is for you!

Quick Specs :

  • Weight: 7 oz
  • Dimensions: 8.5 inches long
  • Maximum Light Output: 600 lumens on high setting
  • Lighting Modes: 2 Levels of Brightness modes, Low & High
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 5000 mAH
  • Battery Life: Holds a charge for 7 years
  • Charging Method: In the sun and any light, or via USB cable.
  • Other features: Waterproof up to 6 feet
The Journey 600 by Hybrid Light

Pros: Ultra bright light with long-lasting charge and robust battery

Cons: No additional features for survival beyond the essential features

Top Pick: Most Versatile Solar Flashlight

4Patriots HaloXT Tactical Solar Flashlight

You are stranded in the wilderness and need to get out of your car, but you can’t because you’re trapped, and the car won’t start. It’s getting dark, and you can’t use your phone to call for help because its battery is dead.

If you’re like most Americans, you don’t have optimal emergency supplies handy to get through an unexpected disaster. We can learn from survivalists to always be prepared wherever life takes us.

4Patriots HaloXT Solar flashlight

Nowadays, everyone needs a tactical, versatile flashlight designed for survival situations. One with a powerful light output and a glass-breaking safety hammer so you can bust windows or doors when every second counts. And one with a USB charger for phones and other essential devices in emergencies like these. 

4Patriots has created an all-in-one emergency flashlight and safety tool with 9 different functions that will give you peace of mind during any disaster. The HaloXT Tactical Solar Flashlight recharges with solar energy and is loaded with additional features like a seat belt cutter and a red strobe light perfect for use during emergencies such as car accidents or natural disasters. It’s perfect for home, car, and office because there is no better way to be prepared than having this excellent flashlight nearby.

If McGyver Had A Tactical Flashlight…

 The hardened steel tip has a glass-breaking hammer built right into it for getting out of windows when every second counts – which could save your life! And with its rugged compass, this bright solar light can also double as a compass for navigation if you get lost on a camping trip or outdoor activity like hiking.

This outdoor flashlight also includes built-in magnets on both ends, so it sticks easily onto metallic surfaces like cars, refrigerators, and more! The rechargeable battery backup lasts up to 12 hours on one charge, thanks to its 2000 mAh capacity. Of course, it charges your devices too!

HaloXT Tactical Flashlight

This is not your normal flashlight! The 4Patriots HaloXT Tactical Solar Flashlight is your ultimate survival tool because it does more than light up the night; it also packs a punch! With its glass-breaking emergency hammer, compass, and solar power bank, this versatile flashlight’s extra tools will keep you safe no matter what life throws your way. 

Quick Specs:

  • 3-watt CREE LED with a 200-meter sight distance
  • 50 mAh built-in solar panel 
  • Powerful 2000 mAh internal battery to charge other devices
  • Recharge thousands of times*
  • White work light with high and low settings
  • LED front flashlight – 3 watt CREE bulb – 200 lumens of light
  • Red SOS flashing light
  • Powerful Magnet on both ends to mount it
  • Seatbelt & rope cutter
  • Glass-breaking hammer
  • Rugged compass
  • Weighs 10.9 oz.
  • Dimensions: 7.75” long x 1.7” wide
  • High-quality aluminum construction
  • Diamond-thread, anti-slip handle
  • Adjustable wrist strap for night use
  • Water-resistant

Pros: Great value with robust features hidden in its frame. 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee, no hassles or fine print.

Cons: Average brightness for the flashlight function

Solar Flashlight Review | Cop Reviews HaloXT Flashlight

Top Pick: Best Solar Flashlight & Radio Combo

Altec Lansing StormChaser

We all know that being prepared is important, but keeping track of everything you need in an emergency kit can be hard. The Altec Lansing StormChaser Emergency Kit covers all the bases and is a cool flashlight and awesome portable sound system!  

The StormChaser Emergency Radio will inform you of local weather conditions, so you’ll always be prepared when storms strike. The radio features NOAA Weather Alerts and SAME technology, which scans for natural disaster-related news from over 2000 sources, including government agencies, police departments, fire departments, and more!

Alter Lansing StormChaser emergency radio, flashlight and bluetooth speaker with on-board solar panel

It has three modes of LED lighting that are perfect for camping or emergencies. It comes equipped with 2 USB charging ports that can charge up your cell phone or other devices while listening to music on its Bluetooth speaker system. Use the speaker as a mini-boombox by connecting any Bluetooth-enabled device such as your phone or tablet.

It’s an all-in-one emergency kit that will help keep your family safe during any disaster. You don’t have to worry about getting stranded without service or losing power since it can charge with solar and hand-cranking.

The storm chaser emergency kit
The StormChaser

It’s a radio, a portable Bluetooth Speaker, a cellphone USB Charger, and an LED camping flashlight in one compact package. The cherry on the cake is the built-in bottle opener!

Altec Lansing Storm Chaser Weather Alert 3Way Power Radio Light

The Stormchaser is more than just a solar flashlight. It’s a radio that will keep you in the loop about everything around you and a portable sound system. It is perfect for outdoor adventures as well as emergencies.


  • Battery Life: Up to 10 hours of playtime on Bluetooth
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX5
  • Weather Alerts: NOAA and S.A.M.E weather stations
  • Sustainable Power Sources: Hand crank, Solar Panel, Built-In Rechargeable Battery
  • LED Lights: Flashlight, Emergency Lights, Area Panel Lighting
  • Accessories: Built-in Bottle Opener

Pros: Radio, Flashlight, and device charging combined. Hand-crank backup power, high-quality Bluetooth speaker. Digital tuning makes finding channels easy.

Cons: Bigger than a conventional flashlight, has no safety tools, and is not the most affordable price point.

Top Pick: Best Solar Flashlight Value

Lukasa Emergency Radio & Solar Flashlight

You know having a weather radio in your survival kit is important, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on one. You want reliable gear that covers a few bases. A quality combo device at an affordable price is the solution.

The Lukasa Emergency Radio & Solar Flashlight fits the bill perfectly. It provides up to 12 hours of light or 8-10 hours of radio on one charge! That means you’ll be able to listen to updates from authorities about what’s happening without worrying about your flashlight running out. Plus, its compact design makes it easy to store almost anywhere.

Best Value for your money for a solar power flashlight
Best budget solar powered emergency radio and flashlight

Lukasa Emergency Radio & Solar Flashlight

  • Features:
  • Solar Flashlight
  • Flip-Up Reading Lamp with 14 LED lights
  • A weather radio with alerts
  • Hand Crank and Solar Power
  • 5400mAh Battery power bank

The weather radio will keep you safe with AM/FM and NOAA weather alerts during storms and power outages. Plus, it also has a bright LED flashlight, a hand crank charger, and a solar cell to charge your phone when there’s no electricity.

It even has a 5400mAh battery, so you can use it as a portable power bank to charge your other devices. You’ll also get a flip-up reading lamp with 14 Led lights, an SOS alarm, and flashing emergency lights.

With this multi-functional device from Lukasa, having safety in an emergency just became affordable!

Product Features:

  • Portable Emergency Weather Alert Radio with 5000 mAh Power Bank
  • AM/FM/SW NOAA Weather Broadcast
  • Flashlight & Reading Lamp Lighting modes
  • SOS Alarm Sound
  • Sunlight Solar Panel Charge
  • Self-powered Dynamo Hand Crank
  • Household Emergency & Outdoor Survival


  • Dimensions: 5x3x2in.
  • Product material: ABC/PC/PVC Power
  • Working voltage: 2.7V-4.2V
  • Output voltage: DC 5V
  • Water-resistant Level: IPX-3 LED
  • Flashlight: 3W
  • Reading lamp: 0.8W
  • Power source: 3.7V/5000mAh
  • Includes 1 Micro USB cable

Pros: Affordably priced and packed with features

Cons: Tuner, radio and speaker quality could be better

Top Pick: Best Solar Flashlight For Camping 

Eton Ultimate Camping Solar Radio & Light

 This solar radio and flashlight combo is perfect for you if you love spending time outdoors. Its lightweight design makes it a handy device to stash in your backpack.

Eton sidekick is the best solar powered flashlight and emergency radio for camping with its compact design

The Eton SideKick Ultimate Camping AM/FM/NOAA Radio with Smartphone Charging & LED flashlight has everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors and deal with the unexpected. It’s a weather alert radio that can charge your smartphone and has a bright LED flashlight, red emergency beacon, and huge ambient light with dimmer. You can also play your own tunes on it via Bluetooth or aux-in. Crank the hand turbine for four minutes, and you’ll produce enough power for 10-15 minutes of music!

This rugged outdoor flashlight will ensure that no matter what happens while out in nature, whether it be rain or shine, hot or cold outside – you’re prepared! With its many features like solar-powered charging, Bluetooth technology, with a built-in lithium battery that’s rechargeable via solar power or hand crank generator, it’s a handy flashlight for anyone who wants to stay safe and informed.


  • AM/FM/NOAA weather bands
  • S.A.M.E. and NOAA weather alerts
  • Huge ambient light with dimmer 
  • Bluetooth® ready
  • 2600 mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • Digital tuner and display
  • 5V—2.1A USB output for charging smartphones
  • Top-mounted efficiency solar panel charging
  • Hand crank power
  • Rugged and IPX4 splash-proof outdoor flashlight
  • Bright LED flashlight
  • Red emergency beacon
Etón SIDEKICK Outdoor Adventure Radio, Lantern and Smartphone Charger

Pros: Super compact size that can fit in a backpack

Cons: Not waterproof, tiny controls under handle hard to reach with bigger hands

Solar Powered Flashlights Are The Best For Emergencies

Solar-powered flashlights are the best option for emergency preparedness. They are lightweight, compact, and durable. You can charge these flashlights with solar energy or hand-crank them so they work in any situation. The onboard backup battery functions like a solar power bank that can charge your mobile devices. With this amazing solar gadget, you’ll never have to worry about being caught in the dark again!

An emergency preparedness checklist ravaged by a disaster.

Many have extra features like seat belt cutters, SOS lights, window breakers, and weather radios built right into the device! And they’re perfect for camping trips because of their durability and multiple charging methods in case there’s no direct sunlight.

Whether you want to prepare for an emergency or want a reliable light source on your next outdoor adventure, a survival flashlight will not let you down! Other ways to protect your home and family with solar power are a solar battery backup system for powering your appliances during outages and solar powered motion security lights for unwelcome intruders.

How To Choose The Best Solar Powered Flashlight

Here are the criteria we used to pick the best solar flashlights:

  1. Charging Methods: Solar, Mini USB, Hand Crank, DC Battery. The more methods, the better
  2. Quality LED Light and Lumens Output: Our brightest light is 600 Lumens, and all have more than one quality LED bulb 
  3. Multiple Light Modes: Besides high and low, they have SOS emergency lights and illuminating panel lighting with more than one source of light
  4. Durability And Quality: Too many cheap models out there won’t deliver when you need them the most. An emergency tool must deliver under extreme circumstances.
  5. Notable Features & Extra Tools: Robust mobile charging capacity, emergency radio with weather radio stations and alerts, and survival tools like seat belt cutters and glass hammers.
  6. Charge Time & Battery Life: The time it takes to charge the battery will depend on the method used. Battery life is how long the battery lasts once fully charged. Both important considerations
  7. Great Customer Reviews: I always recommend reading as many reviews as possible, not just looking at the star rating of a product.

Conclusions About Solar Flashlights

Solar-powered flashlights are a necessary part of any emergency preparedness kit and are much more reliable than a normal flashlight. Most have plenty of extra emergency tools, like seat belt cutters and SOS lights that make them the perfect companion in your home, car, or camping gear. So whether you want to prepare for a power outage or need some light while walking through the woods after dark, we think these solar-powered flashlights will get you where you need to go with no fuss at all.