Secure Your Home With Solar Powered Motion Security Lights

The best solar powered motion security lights don’t need wiring or an electrician to install and have automatic dusk to dawn operation. Picking the best motion security lights for your home is easy when you read our comprehensive guide covering all the basics needed to make a wise purchase of a solar-powered motion sensor light.

Motion Sensor Range & Lighting Area

The primary consideration is the range of the motion sensor and the size of the illuminated area. For motion detection, a range of 120 degrees is the minimum to expect, with a depth of 30 feet on average.

For the illumination area, this will depend on the style of light you choose. A 3-panel light fixture can cover over 270 degrees and illuminate a large area. A wall-mounted rectangular light will cover a smaller area, and a spotlight will be the narrowest but deepest coverage.

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Brightness & Modes of Security Lights

Another factor to consider will be the lumens produced by the LEDs, and generally the higher the number of LEDs the brighter the light. The best solar-powered motion security lights have 3 modes: Off with Motion Trigger On, Steady On, and Low Light On with Bright On Motion Trigger.

Solar Panel Placement

A key element for all things solar is proper exposure of the panel to the sun without shading. This is crucial for charging the batteries that will power the lights during the night.

The solar panels are either integrated into the fixture or detached for flexible placement and connected with a 15ft cable. The remote panel models are great when you want to illuminate an area that is blocked by shade like under an eave or patio. This allows for lighting anywhere on your property.

Design Affects The Light’s Range

In good design practice, form follows function, and that’s the case with well-designed solar motion lights. Consider the area you want to illuminate then pick the style light that offers the best coverage for the location. There are 4 basic styles with a few variations: Wide range with 3 adjustable heads, wide range with detached solar panel, floodlight canister, and wall-mounted.

Solar Security Light Styles Quick Guide

Infographic about the four styles of solar powered motion security lights

Our Picks For The Best Solar-Powered Motion Security Lights

These solar motion security lights are great choices for protecting your home. To maintain your solar security lights, read about How To Clean & Care For Solar Lights In 3 Easy Steps.

Solar power is a great way to protect your home. Prep your emergency kit with solar powered flashlights for emergencies, and install a solar battery backup system to power your home during outages and disasters.

1. Wide Range Solar Lights With 3 Adjustable Heads

These models are great if you need to cover a wide area like a driveway. You can adjust the coverage by rotating the heads. The solar panel is mounted on top, so be sure it has clear solar exposure and isn’t shaded by obstructions.

The Best Wide Range Model In Black: Otdair Solar Security Lights

Otdair Solar Motion Sensor Lights have three adjustable heads for 270-degree coverage. The sensor detects motion up to 32 feet within a 120-degree range. These lights are easy to mount and have adjustable modes of operation.

Otdair Solar Outdoor Lights,118 LED Solar Flood Lights Outdoor, Solar Motion Lights Outdoor,270°Wide Lighting Angle Solar888 Security Lights Motion Outdoor(2 Pack) 88

The Best Wide Range Model In White: Claoner Solar Flood Lights

The Claoner Solar Flood Lights have 132 LEDs for bright 1600 Lumens lighting. The motion sensor’s range is 120 degrees with a depth of 32 feet. The illumination range is 270 degrees. There are three lighting modes to suit your needs.

CLAONER Solar Outdoor Lights Motion Sensor 3500LM 288 LED Solar Security Lights with Remote Control IP67 Waterproof 4 Heads Solar Flood Lights with 16.4ft Cable 4 Modes Solar Wall Lights(4 Pack)

2. Wide Range Lights With Detached Solar Panel

Illuminating a wide range with three heads, this style has a detached solar panel that can be placed in a sunny location. They are great to use when the light fixture location is shaded during the day and can’t get charged by an integrated panel. The cable is 15 feet so you can have a security light almost anywhere.

The Best Detached Solar Panel Model: Solar Motion Sensor Light

The Solar Motion Sensor Light has 1500 Lumens and a big 180-degree motion sensor range of up to 50 feet. The three heads can move in multiple directions, like the solar panel. This is an excellent choice with adjustable lights and sensing distance.

GLORIOUS-LITE LED Solar Security Lights Motion Sensor Light Outdoor, 1600LM Solar Powered Motion Flood Light, 5500K, IP65 Waterproof, 3 Adjustable Head Solar Outdoor Lights for Backyard, Garage-Black

3. High-Security Motion Sensor Solar Floodlights

For maximum security, floodlights are the best because of their concentrated, stronger light. Their cylinder-shaped metal housing creates a spotlight effect. These lights are perfect for doorways and other areas that need to be secured. Because the lights look like cameras, they’ll discourage intruders

The Best Floodlight Model: DrawGreen Solar Security FloodLights

DrawGreen solar floodlights are an excellent option for securing areas like entryways. With a bright 1400 Lumens, it has an optics-grade lens and a 55ft spotlight range. The lamp can adjust 360 degrees to point in any direction. It has an impressive 160-week replacement warranty. 

Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor, 1400-Lumen LED Spotlight 9-Watt(130W Equiv.), Solar Flood Security Lights for Garden Driveway Patio Yard Path Porch Deck, 100-Week 100% Free Replacement

4. Wall Mounted Solar Security Lights

Quick and easy to install, with no adjustable parts, these security lights mount on a wall and have the solar panel and LEDs integrated into one unit. While you lose flexibility, you gain a discreet and minimal design. Wall-mounted security lights come in two lengths: Standard 8″ and Extra-Long 12″.

Best 8″ Wall Mounted Model: Aootek Solar Security Lights

With a wrap-around design, Aootek Solar Security Lights achieve nearly a 270-degree light range with 120 LEDs. Its motion sensor has a range of 120 degrees and 26 feet. It has a reflective case to magnify the light, is easy to install, and is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

Aootek New Solar Motion Sensor Lights 120 LEDs with Lights Reflector,270° Wide Angle, IP65 Waterproof, Step Lights for Front Door, Yard, Garage, Deck (4 Pack)

Best 12″ Wall Mounted Model: LECLSTAR Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights

With 268 LEDs and an extra-long case, the LECLSTAR Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights is a powerful choice with a simple design. Super bright 2400 Lumens and a wide 270-degree light range make this a powerhouse pick for security.

LECLSTAR Solar Outdoor Lights - 4000Lm 268 LED Security Lights with 4 Wide Angle, Motion Sensor Lights for Outside, IP65 Waterproof Solar Powered Wireless Flood Wall Lights with 3 Modes

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