The Most Beautifully Designed Solar Post Lights

A luxurious glow for your deck has never been simpler with solar-powered post cap lights. Capping your fence posts or freestanding garden posts with solar post lights is an easy way to brighten your landscape. With no wiring or electricity needed, they provide ambient light, install quickly without wiring, and offer maintenance-free operation for years. Simply mount them on posts that get direct sunlight, and the lights automatically turn on at dusk and run up to 8 hours when fully charged.

Quick Picks: The Best Solar Post Lights

Solar post lights are the perfect solution for illuminating paths, gardens, and fence lines without the hassle and expense of hiring an electrician or landscape technician. The varieties and quality are beautiful, and you will love the choices available. There are many styles and colors available to fit any architectural feel. The cap lights fit posts ranging in size from 4″ x 4″ to 6″ x 6″, so be sure to measure your post before choosing one. The post lights attach to wooden posts differently than PVC or vinyl. Be sure that the cap you pick can mount to your post.

Stained glass solar post light
Stained Glass Solar Post Light

The light produced will depend on the lumens of the LED light. If you want soft, candle-like lighting, you can get post lights in the 3-7 lumen range with a warm white glow. For brighter lights, higher lumens or multiple LEDs in cool white can provide a much brighter glow. Some lights can be adjusted from cool to warm, and some are in color. The variety is amazing, as is the quality.

Design: Form Follows Function

Solar post light on mailbox post
Light up your mailbox with style

The design of the post cap will affect the way the light shines out from it. Some solar post caps lights are designed to aim the light downward for path lighting, while others are more lantern styled, and others are just purely decorative with a bit of a glow. Consider your main objective for the post light: Is it to brighten a walkway, create a mood, or be a decorative touch? There’s a solar post light for every need. In fact, you can get creative with these solar post lights since they are so easy to use.

The number of lights you need will play a factor in the style you choose. To cap a single post, you may opt for a more dramatic style than you would to top a string of posts along a fence. From modern to old-fashioned, manufacturers have a wide range of decorative styles. There is also a range of colors, materials, and durability. Because the choices are overwhelming, we’ve created a guide to the best solar post light based on the different styles.

The Ultimate Buyers Guide To Post Light Styles

Our style guide includes gazing ball, stained glass, carriage, pagoda, minimalist and modern styles of post lights. If it’s on our list, then it has met our standards of quality and value. With so many options to choose from, be sure to browse the variety available on Amazon and Home Depot. When we link to a product or website that we are affiliated with, we may be paid a commission. This is at no cost to our readers.

The Best Post Lights By Style

Gazing Ball Post Lights

1. Color-Changing Gazing Ball Post Cap Lights

The SunnyPark Crackled Glass Gazing Ball Solar Post Cap Light sets a magical mood in a garden or on a deck. The ball itself is glass, and the base is plastic. They fit 4 x 4 posts and are available in a 2-pack or 4-pack. While it’s not the brightest solar light on our list, these sparkly gazing balls flow through cycles of color. These lights are more decorative than useful for lighting. The base is silver, so be sure it will match your post by checking the photos of this beauty on Amazon.

2. Warm White Gazing Ball Post Cap Lights

The SunnyPark Gazing ball with a warm white light is just like its multi-colored counterpart: this light is the same as #1, except for its light. It glows a soft golden light, giving it a more classic and less psychedelic effect. This light is a very beautiful choice for monochromatic decks and homes, yet still magical in design. The base is silver, but the golden light makes it appear gold.

3. Cool White Gazing Ball Post Cap Lights

If your home has silver or cool white accents, then you’ll want to choose this crystal gazing ball for your post. Simple and elegant, the SunnyPark Cool White Post lights will add a cool ambiance to your garden. This is the same as the lights above, only the type of light is different. See the difference on Amazon.

Stained Glass Post Lights

1. Classy Caps Wellington Solar Post Cap Lights

These real stained glass post lights won’t lose color like other “faux” stained glass lights that are made with colored film overlays. Indeed the Classy Caps Wellington Post lights are classy and beautifully crafted. The drawback is that these are difficult to find in stock due to their beauty and durability. They shine an ambient light via 4 bulbs; the base frame is black. Like all the stained glass style lights, this choice is more for a decorative look than for light. Check it out on Amazon.

2. Art Deco Stained Glass Post Cap Lamp

The Moonray Stained Glass style solar post light is a gorgeous design with a bright 7 lumens. The colored glass will reduce the brightness of the light, but this piece is more of a decoration than a utilitarian light. It looks especially stunning on weathered wood posts because of its antique style. This light will give your garden a whimsical, old-world quality with a modern, solar glow. The stained glass is not real, however, and the colors will fade with weathering. Expect to replace it over time, and check the manufacturer’s warranty on Amazon. Read these tips on how to clean and maintain your solar garden lights.

3. Hummingbird Stained Glass Post Light

The Moonrays Solar Hummingbird Stained Glass Post Light adds a decorative and stylish touch to your garden. With a gorgeous hummingbird design, these solar lights post caps will beautifully top off your fence or deck posts. Illuminate your paths in the evening with elegance with these charming stained glass post lights. Read these tips about maintaining your solar garden lights.

4. Deckorators Stained Glass Solar Post Cap Light

Stained glass old-fashioned solar post light

Deckorators brand makes some of the most beautiful and rugged solar post lights on the market today. You can find their beautiful stained glass post cap lights at Lowe’s. Deckorators Filigreed Chevron Solar Glass post cap features a contemporary chevron design cut into a metal border. Handcrafted with exacting standards and excellence. A distinctive way to light your deck without electricity and wires. Post cap fits a standard 4” x 4” wood post. See the exquisite quality of Deckorators Stained Glass Post Light at Lowe’s, and

Carriage Style Post Cap Lights

Modern styled Solar post lights on a deck start to glow at sundown

1. Black Solar Coach Post Light

Professionally designed and energy-efficient, this post light is quaint and charming in its simplicity. With a durable aluminum body and 2 mounting options, it can be mounted on either a pillar or a lamp post. It has warm white 2 filament LEDs that glow brightly. Check out these quick-to-install charmers on Amazon.

2. Bronze Solar Lantern Lamp Post Light

Made with high-quality aluminum and glass, these beautiful bronze lantern lamp post lights will light up your landscape with class. They are elegant both close up and from afar, and with their high-quality battery, they’ll light up even after rainy days. They are a great replacement for hardwired lights and don’t need any wiring or electrician!

3. Modern Solar Post Coach Lights

Home Zone Security Solar Post lights pack 12 lumens of warm white light into a rugged glass enclosure. These carriage-style solar lights are reliable and long-lasting, however, the frame is hard plastic, not metal. They feature an advanced solar cell right on top, which recharges the batteries during the day for nice illumination at night. The solar cell does make these lights look more modern than antique, so choose these for their function over purely decorative style. They are a good compromise between bright durability and graceful style. There are many photos on Amazon, so you can decide if these solar post lights are right for you.

4. Antique Carriage Post Cap Lights

GreenLighting’s Adonia lights are beautifully designed post lights with 8 lumens. They are made of plastic, both on the base and the crystal. They look amazing from afar and cast a good amount of light. Since the materials are not glass or metal, the durability won’t be the same as Hampton Bay. For the price, you get a great-looking pair of carriage lights that stay lit with a bright, cool white light. Be sure to check out more photos on Amazon to see if these budget-minded beauties are right for you.

Pagoda Styled Post Lights

1. Mediterranean Bronze Post Cap Light

Pagoda solar post light by hampton bay

The Hampton Bay Mediterranean Bronze post light has the classic pagoda shape and features hammered glass with a bronze finish hard plastic casing. The LED produces 15 Lumens of light which is bright enough to illuminate walkways, paths, and stairs. The light is warm white and the enclosure is hammered glass, and they are beautiful to look at both day and night. Check out the photos and reviews of these Hampton Bay post lights at Home Depot.

2. Vintage Bronze 6 x 6 Solar Post Light

Bright and lightweight, these vintage bronze pagoda-style post lights come in 4, 8, and 12 packs on Amazon, and fit large 6 x 6 posts. With 20 LUMENS, you’ll love the glow and weathered patina of these decorations for your landscape.

3. Ambience Candle Pagoda Post Lights

The styling of the Classy Caps Ambience Candle Solar Post Cap light is charming and Oriental in look. Perfect for yards with koi ponds or zen gardens, these gems can be bought individually or in a 2-pack on Amazon. The dual warm white lights are designed to look like flickering candles in Asian lanterns. They will give your garden a warm, exotic ambiance. Antique copper finish but made of plastic.

4. Davinci Modern Solar Post Cap Lights

The textured glass and metal casing of the Davinci Premium Solar Post Cap light coupled with its warm white and powerful light make this light one of the very best on the list. Coming in at 25 Lumens, it’s also one of the brightest. It has a large, advanced monocrystalline solar panel on the top, guaranteeing that it gets a good charge on sunny days. This light fits both 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 wooden posts, but not vinyl posts. These lights are stylish with a bright light and earn the name “Premium”. Check out their beauty on Amazon.

Cape Cod Minimalist Post Lights

Solar Post lights cap a white picket fence

1. Classic White Fairmont Solar Post Lights

Classy Caps White Fairmont Solar Post Lights add wow to your white fence posts. They feature real pebbled glass and have 2 high-output LEDs. They fit 4 x 4 and 5 x 5 posts. Many white picket fence post caps have smaller light openings than this one does, so this one has brighter light yet integrates well with the fence post. See night photos and video of it on Amazon.

2. Minimalist Regal Solar Post Cap Lights

This Post Cap is a solar light in disguise! The Classy Caps Regal Solar Post Cap light matches the design of a white picket fence post cap but shines an ambient line downward at night. Featuring a low-profile design, this light will add glowing elegance to your fence. Four LEDs cast a brilliant white light downward onto the post and the surrounding area and the cap is made with durable PVC. Fits on 4”x4” posts with included mounting screws. You can see more photos of this classic post cap on Amazon.

3. White Picket Fence Solar Post Cap Lights

These gorgeous white post lights have a perfect design and 15 LUMENS brightness. The classic design will add a touch of elegance to your yard or deck. See more photos of these post cap lights on Amazon.

Modern Budget-Minded Post Lights

1. Modern Solar Post Lights

The Siedinlar Solar Post Lights fits 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6 posts. They have a switch to toggle between warm white and cool white light, a great feature. The difference between the 2 tones of light is substantial at night: the ambient warm light sets a special mood with a candlelight effect, and the brighter cool light illuminates walkways with light. It has sleek, modern lines, and the 4 LED’s put out 10 Lumens. The body is sturdy plastic, and they are wide enough for bigger posts. These post lights are a great value on Amazon.

2. Davinci Flexfit Solar Post Cap Lights

The highly-rated and affordable Davinci Flexfit Solar Post Cap Lights feature a modern design with bright 25 lumen warm-white LEDs.  They work on 4 inch, 5 inch, and 6-inch wooden posts. The base has rounded edges so it doesn’t truly “cap” the post the way a square cap does; these sit on the post more than capping it. Learn more on Amazon where you can see them in both black and white.

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