Best Solar Toys: Gift Guide

Kids love cool tech, and parents love toys that encourage thought-provoking play. Solar powered toys creatively use cutting-edge technology, satisfying both kids and parents. My son and daughter love getting unique gadgets that amaze their friends, who always ask, “Where’d you get that?”

Kids love getting cool solar toys and solar gifts for Christmas and any occasion, as do adults

I work in the solar industry, so the latest buzz about cool solar gear always makes its way to my inbox. I’ve put together a gift guide filled with my favorite solar toys that kids and adults will love.

Best Gift For Girls: Solar Fairy Garden Set

This whimsical set is beautiful, from the packaging to the instruction booklet. I’m blown away not only by the quality and detail of every hand-painted piece, but also the affordable price tag. Your little gardeners will fall in love with this magical Solar Fairy Set by Wild Pixy.


A Handcrafted Solar Fairy Set That Glows In The Dark


This beautiful, hand painted set comes with a solar-lit house and glowing stones that turn your child’s garden into a magic wonderland at night. Design the fairy garden with 13 whimsical pieces: a cute fairy, a bridge, a bench & chair, toadstools, stepping stones, glow pebbles, and a light-up fairy house featuring a working door. Love!!!

Best Gift For Boys: Snap Circuits Green Energy

This LEGO-like STEM construction set is powered by green energy for the ultimate play and learning experience. Snap Circuits Green Energy is packed with over 125 projects that explore electronic circuitry and alternative energy including solar, wind and water.


A Snap-On Circuit Set With Solar, Wind & Water Power

Snap Circuits Green Energy

This giant award-winning STEM electronic circuit set has 125 green energy projects. Your child will learn about eco-energy with solar energy, wind, and battery circuitry. The set includes a geared motor, snap wires, rechargeable battery, liquid holder, wind fan, solar cell, capacitor, and snaps together easily. Fun and educational gifting!

Best Gift For Toddlers: Fisher-Price Smart Home

Of all solar toys, this one may not have a real solar panel, but it will be the most played with and loved gift. The Laugh & Learn Smart Learning Home by Fisher-Price is a playhouse dream come true, with 360 degree interactive and imaginative play and hours of exploration.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Learning Home



Fisher-Price Smart Learning Home

This smart learning playhouse is every child’s dream gift. It has so many imaginative elements of a “real” smart home. The outside has a solar panel clicker, a mailbox, porch light, a doorbell, drop-through rain gutter & balls, and a shape-sorter recycling bin. Inside, your child’s imagination will soar with “high-tech” gadgets, a home office area with a smart home hub, an interactive thermostat and clock, and a pretend kitchen with a shape-sorter fridge. If that weren’t enough, there’s 3 learning level options, 4 languages, and over 200 songs and sounds to delight your little one.

Cool Solar Toys For Girls & Boys

Whatever your kids are passionate about, there’s a solar gift they’ll absolutely love. Older kids and adults love solar gifts too as they’re unique, fascinating, and build skills.

Solar robot 11 in 1 learning kit

Solar Robot Learning Kit

Solar robot mega construction set with 7 animal and 4 vehicle models

With detailed instructions and solar-driven robotics, kids love this 11 in 1 hydromechanical solar robot kit. The robot is driven by direct sunlight and does not require batteries. Build one of the eleven models, or invent your own creation. Comes with a solar battery, a gearbox, and a water pressure module. This is a high quality kit with an affordable price that kids love to play with this for hours on end.

Solar magnetic levitating Mendocino Motor

Solar Magnetic Levitating Mendocino Machine

Magnetically levitating solar powered marvel

This entertaining high-tech gadget combines the magnetic & electric fields. Its spinning shaft is held up by repelling magnets, and it’s powered by solar panels mounted on the barrel. This generates a current through coils of insulated wire, and creates endless rotation even under weak lights. The stronger the light source, the faster it rotates. This decorative gizmo makes an amazing and fascinating gift for both kids and adults.

Miniature garden gnome and dragon fairy cottage solar play set

Miniature Garden Gnome Solar Set

Hand painted fantasy toy set inspired by a Scandinavian tale

This magical 4-piece fairy garden gnome play set includes a wooden cottage with floral roofs, a crystal-clear pond, a loving gnome couple, and Patronus, the dragon. The charming pieces are hand painted with intricate details. When the cottage is placed in the sun, its solar panel charges. At night, LEDs light up the cottage automatically, creating a mystical glow. This is a great gift to give with the Wild Pixy Fairy Garden Set for a themed gift set.

3D Wooden Puzzle Adult Marble Run Model Solar Power DIY Assembled Craft Kit Mechanical Gear Building Engineering Educational Toy Set Christmas Birthday Gift for Husband,Boyfriend,Teen Boys Home Decor

Wooden Solar Powered Marble Puzzles

Premium Basswood Funnel Marble Run Model Building Kit

This 3D wooden marble run puzzle kit has a motor that’s powered by its onboard solar panel. The marbles travel up the mechanical gear wheel and drop onto the funnel track, where they roll down and back into the gear wheel. Your child will have a sense of pride and wonder when he builds the model and then watches it run flawlessly. With precise laser cut pieces, the basswood is smooth with no burrs.

The 3D wooden solar puzzles are available in two other cool styles. Their designs are inspired by real-life mechanisms, are well-made, and fun to assemble.

3D Wooden Puzzle Marble Run Solar Power Rotating Track Mechanical Gears Constructor Engineering Kits Model Building Kits DIY Assembly Craft Toy Gift for AdultsTeenagers Boys Girls Gifts Home Decor

Solar Marble Stairs

The 3D Wooden Marble Stairs Kit is an Escher-esque design that’s easy to assemble and fun to watch. These models can be powered by the included solar panel, or connected to a AA battery. The stairs move the marbles up to the top, and they roll down and follow the path to the bottom of the stairs, to be elevated again.

3D Wooden Puzzle Marble Run Solar Power Spiral Track Mechanical Gears Constructor Engineering Kits Model Building Kits DIY Assembly Craft Toy for Adults Teenagers Boys Girls Gifts Home Decor

Solar Spiral Marble Run

The 3D Solar Spiral Marble Run is a variation on the theme of the funnel run. The steel marble travels in spirals around the gear wheel at the central hub. It’s the perfect gift for bright young minds and a cool decoration. All of the wooden models can be painted and decorated. There’s nothing like seeing solar power in action for kids to understand how it works.

Solar Powered Silent Symphony Dual Spinning Crystals | Light Up a Room with Dazzling Rich Colors | Enjoy The Effects of The Austrian Crystal Prism | Relax While Watching Rainbows Move Around The Room

Silent Symphony Spinning Crystals Rainbow Maker

Light Up Your Room With Dancing Rainbow Effects

This fascinating high-tech gadget uses two Swarovski 30% lead chandelier-grade Austrian crystals to create a rainbow factory. Place the solar panel towards sunlight, and it activates the motor, projecting and spinning dozens of rainbows from its crystals all around your room. Not only do kids love it, but cats also love chasing the rainbows, and adults find it soothing. Set a magical mood anywhere in your home with this dual gem dream machine.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Solar Model Kit – Build 2 Solar Powered Wooden 3D Puzzle Models of Real NASA Space Explorers, Craft Kits are a Perfect Gift for Girls and Boys, an AMAZON EXCLUSIVE Science Kit

National Geographic Solar Space Explorers Model Kit

Build Solar Powered Models of Real NASA Space Explorers

This Amazon exclusive Nat Geo kit has both NASA’s moon buggy and Mars rover. With solar panels mounted onboard, they move in sunlight. Part of the National Geographic STEM series, this high-quality educational toy features laser-cut puzzle pieces, solar panels, full-color illustrated instructions, and learning guides. This is a phenomenal gift for kids who are interested in space exploration, technology, and construction. Recommended for ages 10+. 

Solar Airplane Kinetic Art Balance Toy

Take Flight With This Elegant Solar Desk Airplane

This attractively designed kinetically balanced prop plane toy powers up under direct sunlight, spinning the propeller and then taking circular flight. The wings have solar panels cleverly integrated into their design. The body and frame are made of stainless steel for a sleek look. Adults and kids love this desk piece, which is not only beautiful but educational and entertaining as well. For best operation, it needs direct sunlight on the panels.

DORAMI Clear Solar Power Crookes Radiometer Sun Light Energy Spinning Vanes

Solar Powered Crookes Radiometer

Spinning vanes in a crystal globe dazzle in this simple solar toy

The Crookes radiometer solar toy spins at impressive rates on a window sill during the day, and even under LED lights. While the solar cell tech is “modern,” the design of this gadget is classic and antique looking. It’s the perfect gift to give to science-loving kids as a unique decoration. It works well under most lighting conditions.

Cool Stocking Stuffer Solar Toys

These are my quirky quick picks for the affordable solar toys that everyone loves to get: Solar Bobbleheads!

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