Solar battery backup systems are more like insurance policies than investments. While it’s easy to calculate the return on investment for solar, it’s not that simple for a solar battery backup system. Your peace of mind, however, is invaluable.

Solar doesn’t work when the grid goes down. You need a battery backup system installed, but a good battery system can be expensive. A battery powers your home during outages and protects against rate hikes. The return on investment, however, is hard to calculate.

When NEM 3.0 takes effect in California, a battery backup will ensure your solar power will be used efficiently and cost-effectively.

Peak Shaving and Backup Power are the biggest benefits of battery systems.

Solar battery backup systems protect you from No Power  and no Electricity during outages

Peak shaving manages your energy usage to avoid pulling power from the grid during on-peak hours. To avoid high energy charges, you use the power stored in your battery or sell your power back during those peak rates.

Battery software lets you manage when and how you use power. You control your energy usage significantly more than with solar alone. While this has financial value, it’s not easy to determine your break-even point; it’s more about maximizing and ensuring your solar return on investment.

Which Solar Battery Is The Best?

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is the most popular battery on the market today but has a long wait time. The Tesla Powerwall 2 is exclusively available through authorized dealers.

Eguana, Enphase, and Panasonic are becoming popular options. Sunpower has a battery that integrates into its systems.

One of the best batteries on the market today is the Franklin Whole Home battery backup system. It has an industry-leading 12-year warranty.

Another popular choice is the Enphase Encharge Battery system which integrates seamlessly into solar systems using Enphase IQ8 microinverters.

Adding a second battery to your energy storage system drops the price per unit because the cost to set up the electrical is only paid once.

Some rebates are available; check with your contractor, as they frequently change for solar battery backup systems.

Are solar battery backups worth it? | California Solar Guide

Solar power is a reliable source of energy when there’s no electricity. You can protect your family with a solar powered flashlight in your emergency supply kit. And protect your home by choosing the best solar company to do your solar and backup battery installation.