In this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at the REC Alpha Pure solar panel, a top-of-the-line option for homeowners seeking high-performance and cutting-edge solar technology. We’ll examine Alpha Pure’s features and benefits and analyze its overall value.

REC Alpha Pure series solar panels brochure

You’ll discover why the REC Alpha Pure solar panel is an exceptional option for homeowners.

The REC Alpha Pure series outperforms other panels with its stellar efficiency rating, low degradation rate, and favorable temperature coefficient.

High Module Efficiency and Power Output

REC solar panels are known for their high efficiency. They can convert more of the sun’s energy into electricity. This is important for homeowners with limited space on their roofs, as high-efficiency panels can generate more power in a smaller area.

The REC Alpha pure solar panels provide up to 22.2% efficiency, making them one of the most efficient modules on the market.

Conventional panels have an efficiency rating of 14-19%. REC panels have a much higher power output.

REC Alpha Pure Solar Panel Review

REC Alpha Pure’s Low Degradation Rate

The Alpha panels produce 98% capacity in the first year thanks to low light-induced degradation. They have a low 0.25% annual degradation rate from the second year.

This is significantly lower than the average 0.8% annual degradation rate. Most importantly, after 25 years, they still produce over 92% of their power output.

Exceptional High-temperature Performance

A panel’s temperature coefficient measures how well a solar panel performs in different weather conditions. REC’s Alpha Pure Series All Black performs better in high temperatures and shading than most other solar panels.

Sleek all black look of the REC Alpha Pure solar panels

REC solar cells have a temperature coefficient of 0.26%, much lower than the industry standard of 0.38%. This allows for more power output as temperatures rise.

This is especially helpful in hot climates, like desert communities in California and Arizona.

REC Alpha Pure Solar Panel Aesthetics

The REC Alpha Pure series has a sleek all-black design. REC Alpha Pure solar cells feature a gapless cell layout, providing excellent efficiency and creating a seamless look.

Sleek all black look of the REC Alpha Pure solar panels

REC Alpha Series Cutting-Edge Technology

Their technology makes REC Alpha Pure Series much better than most other solar panels. Sunpower solar panels are the only other ones that are equally superior.

REC was the first company to introduce the revolutionary split module design. They feature half-cut cell technology for greater efficiency, which offers better performance than traditional cell designs.

REC Half-Cut Cell Technology

REC Alpha Pure panels are split in half so that the top and bottom halves operate as if they were two separate panels.

This means that even if one-half of the panel is in the shade, the other half can still generate electricity at full capacity.

The REC Alpha Pure-R takes this further and divides the panel into four sections, producing even more energy in the shade.

REC Alpha Pure-R and REC Alpha Pure solar panels side by side

HJT Cell Technology

Heterojunction (HJT) cell technology is a unique technology used in the REC Alpha Pure and Pure-R panels.

HJT cells are built on a high-purity N-type silicon base with thin-film layers of amorphous silicon for increased solar panel efficiency. REC uses bifacial HJT cells, which have an innovative design that increases efficiency.

Thanks to their innovative technology, REC will release a 430-watt panel soon.

Solar Panel Warranty

REC Alpha Pure solar panels have a meager failure rate. Because of that, they are backed with an excellent product warranty.

REC offers a 25-year product warranty panels installed by a REC-Certified installer. Therefore, if you go with a solar installer that isn’t REC-certified, you’ll only get a 20-year product warranty.

REC Alpha Pure-r brochure

REC also provides a 25-year power warranty, guaranteeing that their panels will still produce at least 86% to 92% of their original output in 25 years.

While the REC Pro-Trust is a competitive warranty, your solar installer must be REC-certified to get the benefits.

Price and Affordability

REC solar modules offer a good value for the price. While they may not be the cheapest option on the market, they provide a good balance of quality and affordability.

The REC Alpha Pure Series solar panels can produce 16% more power than other solar panels. They have a higher power density than conventional panels. This saves you money on your electric bills and yields a better return on your investment.

REC solar panels typically cost between $2.40-$3.90 per watt. However, installation costs vary by state and solar company.

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REC Alpha Pure Value

Given the extra production over time and the strong product warranty, the REC Alpha Pure Solar panels pay for themselves. The Federal tax credit of 30% helps with affordability!

REC premium panels are an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a reliable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing solar solution.

Sleek all black look of the REC Alpha Pure solar panels
One of our installers photographs his work

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