Q Cells are widely recognized as a reliable solar panel brand renowned for its high efficiency, reliable performance, and comprehensive warranty coverage. 

As a leading solar panel option, solar companies offer Q Cells in quotes for solar panel systems across the US, making them a top consideration for anyone exploring their solar options.

Q Cells overview

We’ll provide a comprehensive overview of Q Cells and give you the knowledge to make an informed choice. 

Choosing Q Cells solar panels for your installation may be cheaper due to their competitive prices. They are a major manufacturer of affordable panels and an industry leader.

QCells Solar Panel Review

How Long Has Q Cells Been Making High-Quality Panels?

Starting as a German company in 1999, it quickly became a leading solar module maker worldwide. In 2012, it was bought by the South Korean company Hanwha Group, which already had a strong presence in the solar industry. 

With Hanwha Group’s leadership, Hanwha Q CELLS combined German engineering and top manufacturing to become one of the world’s top 10 solar panel manufacturers.

In 2018, Hanwha rebranded the panels as just “Q CELLS.” 

The solar company has plants worldwide, including a big one in Dalton, Georgia. In 2019, they opened the largest solar panel factory in the western hemisphere in Georgia, USA. 

Q Cell opens a factory in Georgia

Today, Q CELLS is North America’s biggest solar panel producer. The company plans to double its production in Georgia by 2023.

Q Cells Technology

2012 Hanwha started using the PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact) technology. 

PERC technology adds an extra layer of material to the back of the panel. This captures more energy from the sun using a reflective back sheet.

The reflective action of the back sheet allows the solar cells to generate more power. The high-tech design and technology increase Q-Cells’ efficiency considerably.

Q Cells G10 data sheet


Solar cells can have two problems: light-induced degradation (LID) and potential-induced degradation (PID). 

This means the cells can break down faster than usual when exposed to light and electricity. Hot spots also break down cells faster.

Q Cells panels minimize long-term solar production losses with Anti LID Technology, Anti PID Technology, and Hot-Spot protection.

Q.ANTUM DUO Technology

The “Duo” in Q.ANTUM DUO means that each solar cell is divided in half, and each panel is connected with two halves.

The Q.ANTUM DUO Z technology combines Q.ANTUM Cell Technology with Half-cell technology with multi-busbars and zero-gap cell interconnection for higher power generation.

QCells tech

The panel manufacturer says, “Q.ANTUM DUO Z Technology delivers not only impressive performance in real-world conditions but also offers first-class performance guarantees of 98% in the first year and a full 86% after 25 years.” 

The BLK in Q.PEAK DUO BLK G10+ and Duo BLK-G6 present a sleek, all-black design that enhances their appearance.

Q Cells Solar Panel Efficiency Rating

Most solar panels in the industry have efficiency rates between 15% and 20%, with some reaching up to 22.8% (e.g., SunPower). 

They range from 20% efficiency (Q.PEAK DUO-G5) to 20.9% (Q.PEAK DUO XL-G9). This makes them high-efficiency but not one of the most high-efficiency panels on the market.

Operating Temperature Range

Solar panels typically operate at 77°F, but dark surfaces of black solar panels increase in temperature quickly in direct sunlight. This causes a decrease in energy output known as the temperature coefficient. 

The average temperature coefficient for these panels is 0.35%. REC has the best temperature tolerance.

Q cells solar panels on a roof top

Q Cells Degradation Rate

They guarantee 98% power output in the first year. After that, a decline of 0.54% yearly and at least 85% power retention over the 25-year warranty.

Low Average Cost

They are one of the best values on the market for home solar. See how much solar panels cost here.

Systems cost between $2.32 and $3.16 per watt on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace. This makes Q CELLS one of the best values for home solar. 

Q Cells 25-Year Warranty

PRODUCT25 years
POWER86% for DUO BLK ML-G10+, 85% for all other panels at year 25
LABOR25 years, up to $250 in labor for systems registered through the Q.PARTNER program and <25 kW

Q Cells are a great choice for any homeowner who’s looking for reliable performance, high efficiency, attractive warranties, and competitive costs.

They have become one of the top suppliers of residential solar energy. The top 3 solar panels are compared in this article about solar panels.

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