Dreaming Of Hot Showers When You’re Outdoors?

A hot shower is one of modern life’s simple pleasures and one we’d love to have when we are hiking, camping, or spending a day at the beach or lake. Thanks to the power of the sun, there’s solar gear ready to make your hot water dreams a reality. As long as there is sunshine, you can get decently refreshed without torturing yourself with cold water or trying to wash off with a trickle from a garden hose.

Best Solar Showers For Outdoor Living

A good solar power shower has enough capacity to get you clean without any weird plastic smell, and the showerhead delivers a decent amount of water pressure to feel refreshing. It needs to be compact, portable, and easy to use.

How do outdoor showers use solar energy? The solar panel is charged by direct sunlight over a few hours to deliver hot water and decent water flow. They use advanced PVC material to isolate the hot water. Add a few special features, and it makes our list of the best solar shower models. We may be paid a commission when we link to a product or website that we are affiliated with.

1. Best Solar Shower Winner: Nemo Helio LX Pressure Shower

NEMO Helio LX Pressure Shower (Black/Apple Green) 2020

NEMO Helio solar shower

If you’re serious about living the outdoor life, look no further. The award-winning Helio™ Pressure Shower revolutionizes how we shower, do dishes, and clean our gear outdoors with a powerful flow of hot water. You don’t need to hang it to get good pressure from this amazing marvel. Just fill it with water, warm it in the sun, then step on the pump to pressurize it. You get a solid 7-10 minutes of steady water pressure via a ten ft. hose. Not only does it have a sleek design, but it’s also an ideal solution for showering in emergencies. This is the top-of-the-line winner, hands down. For camping, pair it with the Nemo Heliopolis Privacy Shelter for the best outdoor solar shower experience!

2. Best Budget Solar Shower: Advanced Elements Summer Shower

The best budget-priced winner is the Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower. This shower gear is great for camping, going to the beach, outdoor traveling, and hiking. You’ll see the price is great too. Heating its 5-gallon capacity for a nice warm shower takes about three hours. The fabric is thick, and the handle is strong. It even has a pocket for soap or shampoo, folds up nicely, and is compact. The bag can be hung on a tree branch to bathe while camping or hiking. You can’t beat the quality for the price.

Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower / Solar Shower,Silver/Black

This portable powerhouse is versatile to use after any outdoor activity. Protect your car from dirt and sand by using the hose to clean off your shoes, feet, or dog’s paws after a hike or day at the beach. A nice gadget to take camping or hiking, its simple design and affordable price make this solar shower our top pick for the best budget-priced solar shower.

A woman takes a solar shower while outdoors and is refreshed by a warm stream of water

3. Best Solar Shower With Tent Shelter: Texsport

To get really clean when showering in nature, we need to be in the buff, aka naked! Having an enclosed shower tent for privacy plus warm water temperature is a dream come true when camping.

The perfect solution is a shower tent with a solar shower hanging inside of it. The Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Privacy Shelter Changing Room on Amazon serves as an outdoor shower and a changing room for those of us that are modest. The shower is about 7 feet high by 4 feet wide and has a handy removable towel bar. The shower bag has a 5-gallon water capacity, and there’s a mesh caddy inside the tent to store soap and shampoo. The steel frame is sturdy and holds the water-filled shower bag with no problem. This durable and rugged solar camp shower withstands wind and rain and is a great addition to the family camping gear. It can even fit 2 people at a time in the tent, it’s that roomy!

Texsport Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Privacy Shelter Changing Room, Gray, 1 Count (Pack of 1)

For private showers on your camping trips, the Texsport is a great choice. Follow the directions carefully during setup, and don’t fill the shower bag to maximum capacity. It’s easier to set up with 2-3 people but will last all weekend, even in a storm, thanks to its rugged design. It’s a piece of home away from home.

4. Best Mini Solar Shower: Advanced Elements 2.5 Gallon

This lightweight little gem heats up fast and goes anywhere easily. Perfect for hiking, fishing, and any outdoor adventure. Its four-layer construction makes it sturdy for its size. No matter where you go, have a hot shower with this handy mini solar shower. It fills up easily with its extra-large filling valve. Use the power of the sun anywhere your adventures take you. This baby is affordable and very well-loved. Check out the Advanced Elements 2.5 gallon solar shower on Amazon. Grab it while you can; its big brother, the 5-gallon version, is sold out.

Advanced Elements 2.5 Gallon Summer Shower / Solar Shower,Silver

Solar Powered Shower Features to Look For

Temperature Capacity

Temperature capacity is one of the most important features when picking a solar camp shower. Most are capable of water temperatures of 113°F, but some can go higher. Charging time and ambient temperature will affect its capacity too.

Water Storage Capacity

Water storage capacity on average is 5 gallons for most solar showers, giving you a 2-3 minute shower. Deluxe models like the Helio™ Pressure Shower can double your shower time.

Other Features

If you read about the solar shower and tent combo Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Privacy Shelter Changing Room, then you know how much I love this feature of a privacy enclosure when camping. Look for features that fit how you’ll use your shower, like mirrors for shaving or pockets for shampoo and soap.

How to Clean Your Solar Shower

The good news is it’s easier than scrubbing your shower at home! Just rinse the solar shower bag both inside and out with a mixture of baking soda and warm water to clean it. 

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