Best Solar Backpack Buying Guide

A solar backpack is perfect if you’re a hiker, biker, and outdoor enthusiast. It’s a must for charging devices on the go.

There are solar backpacks to fit every need and lifestyle. We’ll walk you through the best of each style in our Best Solar Backpack Buying Guide.

Our pick for the best solar backpack has cutting-edge, high-efficiency solar technology and an integrated power bank for pure charging power.

Solar Panel Output & Efficiency

The best backpacks reliably charge your devices in direct sunlight with a high-efficiency solar panel in the 18%-22% range. To charge devices quickly, the solar panel should have 7-10 watts of power unless there’s a power pack on board.

Hiking with a solar backpack keep you connected to the world by charging your electronics

Battery Capacity

Most solar-powered backpacks don’t have power banks, but you can add one. Our pick for the best solar backpack features a 12,800mAh integrated battery, so you never have to worry about running out of power.

If you’re serious about charging your gear, get a 6,000mAh or higher power bank. Devices will charge faster than just plugging directly into the solar panel, which can take a few hours.

The Best Solar Backpack For Power

1. Voltaic Systems OffGrid Rapid Solar Backpack

Voltaic OffGrid Rapid Solar Backpack is the best overall winner. With its 12,800mAh battery, it can charge a smartphone 4 times over. With dual USB ports a 10 Watt solar panel with 22% efficiency, it’s a powerhouse. This matte black backpack will make sure your off-grid power needs are met. $$$$

Our top ick is the Voltaic Systems OffGrid Rapid Solar Backpack

Voltaic created the original solar backpack in 2004 and still sets the standard. The OffGrid has an integrated battery pack that charges from the high-efficiency solar panel or any USB port. It has dedicated storage pockets for your electronics and good cable management.

Ergonomic and breathable, the backpack is made from recycled plastic bottles, and you may not like the texture. This is the best backpack for charging, but check out the others on our list if comfort and style matter more.

The Best Anti-Theft Solar Backpack

2. Bobby Tech Anti-Theft Backpack With Wireless Charging

XD Design Bobby Tech Anti-Theft Backpack has the legendary anti-theft protection the Bobby line is known for. With concealed zippers, RFID-protected pockets, and a lockable main zipper, your valuables are safe. With 8.5 Watts of integrated solar, this backpack is truly amazing. $$$$$

The Bobby Tech Anti-Theft Backpack With Wireless Charging

The Dutch-made Bobby Anti-Theft backpacks are a favorite of digital nomads. When they released the Bobby Tech model with an integrated solar panel and wireless charging pad, it became an instant classic for power on the go. Features include a Fidlock phone holder on the strap, adjustable internal padded dividers, USB & USB C ports, and cut-resistant fabric. Stay connected and organized, regardless of where you are.

Executive tourist with map wearing solar powered backpack

The Best Executive Solar Backpack

3. Energizer PowerKeep PRO Solar Executive Backpack

Energizer PowerKeep Pro Solar Executive backpack is like a super-charged briefcase. With more battery power than solar power, it has a colossal 10,000mAh power bank and two USB ports. The solar is only 3 watts but the battery can be charged from a wall plug and the solar will keep it charged. $$$

Energizer PowerKeep Pro Solar executive backpack

No matter where you work, never get stuck with a dead cellphone or tablet. The 37 Watt-hour, 10,000mAh Energizer battery pack can be charged from a wall outlet, USB port, or solar panel. The backpack’s sleek design combined with integrated solar charging is the perfect way to carry your laptop, pens, business cards, electronic devices, and other items.

A girl smiling on a hike because she has the best solar backpack for hiking

The Best Solar Hiking Backpack

4. ECEEN Solar Packable Backpack

The Eceen Packable Backpack is lightweight and durable. This nylon hiking backpack is designed with comfortable padded shoulder straps. It’s convenient for day trips; small enough to fold up and store in its own pocket, yet roomy enough to store your gear. The solar panel charger is removable for remote charging. $$

The Eceen packable hiking backpack is our top pick for best hiking backpack

With limited solar power and no power pack, this backpack will need battery storage if you plan to use it for longer hikes. It weighs only a pound and is made from a breathable nylon mesh, so it’s perfect for day hikes. Pick from 3 cool colors: Turquoise, Red, and Gray Camo.

The Best Solar Backpack For Biking

5. XTPower Xplorer Backpack

The sporty red Xplorer backpack has a 1.8-liter hydration pouch (replaces your water bottle) and a slim cut, ergonomic design. Its 7-Watt waterproof solar panel charges phones, tablets, and other USB devices while you cruise the backroads and trails. The foam-padded shoulder straps are breathable and adjustable for various torso lengths. $$

The best solar backpack for biking is the XTPower Xplorer Backpack

With sport-Quality PVC fabric, the XTPower Xplorer backpack can withstand various rugged environments. Use it for cycling, camping, fishing, and anywhere you need power and water on demand. The 1.8-liter hydration bladder has an extra-wide screw cap to add beverages and ice cubes easily. The removable high-efficiency solar panel keeps you charging through all your adventures.

Check out the best solar bike light, the perfect companion for this solar biking backpack!

The Best Designed Solar Powered Backpack

6. Sunnybag ICONIC Solar Backpack

Sleek and chic, the olive-brown Sunnybag ICONIC Backpack features a 7-Watt SUNPOWER panel, the strongest solar cell in the world. Made of robust materials, there are two padded compartments for tablets and laptops with cable channels for charging your devices while on the go. $$$

Sunnybag ICONIC Solar Backpack is very well designed

Stylish and well-made, the Sunnybag ICONIC is both fashionable and powerful. It has a 7-Watt Sunpower solar panel, the most efficient in the world.  There are lots of pockets and pouches for your essentials. It can hold a 17-inch laptop and carry a tablet, cellphone, and a set of headphones as well.

Couple backpacking in the wilderness and happy they have solar backpacks

The Best Solar Backpack For Camping

7. ECEEN Solar Powered Rucksack

The ECEEN Solar Powered Rucksack has extra-large solar panels that deliver 20 Watts of power. Roomy and rugged, the 78L Rucksack has a secure, fully adjustable fit and well-organized storage compartments. It has 2 USB ports and enough room to be used as a suitcase alternative. $$$

For camping, the ECEEN Solar Powered Rucksack is our top pock

With 20 Watts of solar power, the ECEEN Solar Powered Rucksack has more than double the solar power of most backpacks on our list. Add a power pack to this monster, and you never have to worry about charging your smartphone when camping or in the wilderness. Designed with extra-large storage capacity, it’s made with high-quality, water-resistant fabric that’s both durable and breathable.

What’s The Best Solar Powered Backpack For You?

Why wait? With so many options and styles available, there’s a solar backpack that will fit both your lifestyle and budget. The solar energy tech is incredible, and having a USB charging port to charge your devices everywhere you go makes it an invaluable investment in our device-driven world. Even in emergencies, you’ll be glad to have a solar power backpack, so you’ll never be unplugged as long as the sun shines.

Be sure to stash a solar powered flashlight in your backpack for added security and survival tools for emergencies.