The Best Solar Powered Watches

The best solar powered watches for men are made by top brands like Seiko and Citizen. Their designs range from sporty to elegant and even feature popular and beloved characters.

Solar watches are reliable and stylish: Citizen solar Eco-Drive, Bering Time Solar, and Garmin Fenix Pro Solar

Solar Watch FAQ

A variety of the best solar watches

Solar powered watches are the best choice if you want a good, reliable timepiece. Regular quartz watches have batteries that need to be replaced often, and automatic watches need constant movement to be wound. The best solar-powered watches are charged by any light source, not just the sun, and the power is stored in a long-life battery.

I Collect Solar Watches And Here’s Why

I love watches and collect them, and lately, my solar watch collection is growing rapidly. The amazing solar watches being made today will hold their value for decades to come as long as the sun is shining. Later I will share some of my favorites with you. Here is a peek at my collection and some of the reasons why I love them.

My solar watch collectin, and my Mickey Mouse watch

Rarely Replace The Battery If Ever

Imagine not having to visit a battery store to revive a dead watch. Instead, put your watch under light or simply wear it outdoors. Most good solar watches can store enough power for 6 months or more, and they constantly charge while you’re wearing them in any light.

Solar Nighthawk watch by Citizen
Nighthawk By Citizen

A Solar Watch Is The Best Investment Over Time

The price difference is nominal because solar energy has emerged as a powerful, reliable, and affordable alternative for powering everything from RVs, to our homes, to the watches on our wrists. The tech is so minimal, without bulk or obvious “panels”, you’d be hard-pressed to tell that a watch is solar.

The Top Brands With The Best Features

This post features the best brands and models of solar powered watches for men. Be sure to check out our post on women’s solar watches — coming soon. You can’t go wrong choosing a timepiece from our Best Solar Watches list. You’ll find high-quality, stylish, and affordable watches that are beyond cool, and all are on my wishlist if they’re not already on my wrist.

A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit
Ian Fleming

Best Overall Value: Seiko Solar Watches

Seiko is a world leader in watches and has led the field with an impressive array of solar timepieces.

You won’t find a greater variety or better overall value than Seiko. Here are my Seiko Solar watches:

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My Seiko Solar Watch Collection

My Seiko Solar watch collection: tank style, Coutura, 2-tone, modern gold, and metal bracelet styles

Seiko Coutura Solar Watch

I get compliments whenever I wear this blue beauty. It’s my go-to watch casual days. The faceted blue face looks light or dark depending on the light source it’s under. It has a pretty sapphire blue crystal.

Seiko Coutura atomic solar watch has a beautiful blue face

Coutura Atomic Solar Watch

Pictures don’t do the Dodger blue face of the Coutura justice. This watch is Atomic, so you never have to set the time or date — it automatically syncs the data. This watch is perfect for work and casual nights out. It has a 6-month power reserve when fully charged.

Men’s Seiko Solar Dress Watch In Gold

This modern dressy classic has a surprising 10 month power reserve when fully charged! It looks expensive, but this model often goes on sale. If you can find it under $200, then grab it. Definitely a dressed up choice.

The modern looking Seiko Men's Solar Dress Watch In Gold is a great value

Solar Dress Watch In Gold

This is the perfect solar dress watch. It has an elegant look but is quite affordable. Designed with a gold case and bracelet, its sleek black dial is uncluttered with only a minimal calendar on it. Powered by any light source, it will stay charged for 10 months. 

Seiko Solar Watch with Brown Leather Strap, Multicolor dial

Seiko solar watch with brown leather strap and multicolor face
There’s mine!

Both casual and elegant, this watch looks good with everything. It’s masculine but not overly flashy. The band is leather, the face is two-toned gold and silver, and of course, it’s solar-powered with a long-life rechargeable battery.

Seiko solar watch with brown leather band is a beautiful classic watch

Solar Watch with Brown Leather Strap

With its classic looks, croc-embossed leather strap, and two-toned face, this watch is the best value. There is no competition for a solar watch, at any price point. Seiko quality means it’s both accurate and long-lasting. The deep navy face looks almost black, and luminous hands and markers glow after dark. If you find it under $200, grab it for your collection!

Men’s Solar Powered Tank Watch, Black Leather Strap

Seiko took the Cartier tank style watch and created an affordable solar version that’s become an instant classic. It’s a slim and minimalist dress watch. Like all Seiko timepieces, it’s an overall great value with quality technology and elegant style.

Solar Powered Tank Watch

Seiko’s Tank-style watch may be their most beloved solar watch, as the value and quality can’t be beaten. Simple without any functions, its style is a throwback to watchmaking’s classic era. It is solar, however, which makes it modern and low-maintenance. Ultra-thin and not bulky at all, it’s a testament to today’s solar technology and to Seiko’s commitment to the genre.

Best Themed Styles: Citizen Eco-Drive

Citizen has captured the hearts of watch fanciers with their special edition theme watches. I own a Skyhawk Eco-Drive, which I love for both its style and its tech. But I’ve got my eye on several Eco-Drive models that are highly collectable.

The Watch That Started My Obsession

The Eco-Drive Blue Angels Skyhawk was my first solar watch, and I’m still amazed by it. It’s got radio-controlled time and date so I never have to adjust the time or calendar function. It’s water-resistant to 200 meters.

The features are endless: World time in 43 cities, 1/100 second Chrono up to 24 hours, perpetual calendar, 99-minute countdown timer, power reserve & 2 alarms. Best of all, it’s powered by light, any light, and never needs a battery. But it seems simple compared to those on my wish list.

Citizen: Best Solar Watches For Collectors

If you love collecting things as I do, then limited editions and themed watches will appeal to you. Citizen’s Eco-Drive solar watches are at the top of my wish list with their collectible watch lines.


I love Stan Lee, and his work with Marvel Comics has inspired many limited edition Eco-Drive Marvel-themed watches.

MARVEL 80TH ANNIVERSARY Limited Edition Citizen Eco-drive watch

The MARVEL 80TH ANNIVERSARY LIMITED EDITION Eco-Drive Titanium is a true collector’s keepsake with only 1,939 released worldwide to commemorate the year they began publishing. Marvel’s logos decorate the deep navy dial.

Citizen Eco-Drive Spiderman Limited Edition
Limited Edition SPIDER-MAN

The Eco-Drive LIMITED EDITION SPIDER-MAN watch commemorates the year the comic was born by releasing 1962 of these timepieces. This watch features Spider-Man in his original form on vintage comic artwork.


Who doesn’t love good Star Wars merch? Citizen released a nice variety, and here are my favorites.

The Citizen Star Wars Darth Vader Watch

The Star Wars Darth Vader watch appeals to my dark side. With its black stainless steel case and Vaderesque design, it’s my top pick in this genre. Darth Vader’s helmet is on the case back.

Citizen Star Wars Han Solo Eco Drive watch

The Star Wars Han Solo watch from CITIZEN is inspired by Han Solo’s signature style. The case back features an illustration of the Millennium Falcon. Limited release of 1977 pieces.


Disney has so many beloved characters making it hard to pick favorites. These two limited editions featuring the Mouse and Donald Duck top my list of most wanted Disney Eco-Drive watches.

Citizen Donald Duck Eco Drive solar watch

Citizen has crafted many collectible character watches, and the Donald Duck timepiece tops my list as the most fun Disney-themed solar watch. Inspired by Donald’s sailor attire, this navy blue and duck-yellow solar watch features Donald peeking out at 4 o’clock. With a stainless steel case and a blue ion-plated bezel, this watch is powered by any light!

Gold watches aren’t a daily wear for me, but this 2020 exclusive Year of The Mouse Lunar New Year Limited Edition commemorative watch is awesome. Who doesn’t want something to remember 2020 that’s both ironic and enduring? It certainly has been a Mickey Mouse year, and we can hope that 2021 brings us all a bit more magic

Mickey Mouse watch by citizen eco drive year of the mouse lunar year

Best Functions For Sports: Casio Solar

Casio’s Tough Solar Pro-Trek watches are rugged favorites for sports enthusiasts who demand performance from their timepieces. Their Edifice solar series brings a more polished style to the mix without sacrificing the features Casio is known for.

Casio Pro Trek Tough Solar Series

Casio Men's 'PRO TREK' Tough Solar Powered and Stainless Steel Watch

One of my favorite watches, this watch does everything except cook breakfast. This new Triple Sensor Version 3 model delivers super-accurate altitude, barometric pressure, and direction readings. It’s Atomic, has multiple alarms and a stopwatch that covers 31 time zones, and is water-resistant up to 200 meters. The auto LED illumination makes it easy to read in all conditions. This is the best you can get if you want a rough and strong watch.

Casio Edifice Solar Series

The Casio’s Edifice Solar watches charge under the faintest of light thanks to enhanced charging technology. These watches are a good blend of style, sportiness, quality, and price. With many features and options, like Smart Phone Link and Bluetooth, you can level up or keep it simple. Casio Edifice sponsors both Alpha Tauri and Honda racing and issued watches commemorating both. It makes sense that their slogan is Speed & Intelligence. The Honda watch is solar powered (the Scuderia Toro Rosso is not).

Honda Racing
Scuderia Toro Rosso

Best Sleek & Modern: Bering Time Solar

For those that want their solar watch to look as modern as the tech that drives it, Bering Time is a perfect choice. The Bering Slim Solar watches will run for up to 12 months when fully charged. Their hallmark is minimalist Danish design and streamlined elegance, and that’s why they made my list of the best solar powered watches for men.

Best Hi-Tech: Garmin Fenix Pro Solar

The high end of the non-luxe watches, this gadget-filled device can power just about anything…except your wallet. Although expensive, the exceptionally cool face and features make this watch drool-worthy. This watch merits its own review due to its complexity and features.

My Favorite Is The Blue And White Fenix

Pick your favorite color combination from the Pro Solar Watch line below.

Are The Best Solar Powered Watches For Men Only?

There are beautiful solar-powered watches available for women, such as my wife’s favorite Cinderella Eco-Drive Limited Edition. Check out our post about CITIZEN’s Disney Princess watches collection.

Eco-Drive Cinderella Limited Edition solar watch by Citizen

Start Your Solar Watch Collection

Solar watches are low maintenance, easy to charge, and have long power reserves that recharge quickly. They have become very collectible, stylish, and practical. Start collecting them now and retire your old battery-powered watches for good.

Key Points about solar-powered watches:

  • Low maintenance: No winding or frequent battery replacement needed
  • Solar Watches charge by any light source, not just the sun
  • When fully charged they’ll run for up to 12 months
  • Long-Life power storage battery rarely if ever needs replacing
  • Available in every popular style
  • Solar tech is slim and adds no bulk to the watch
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