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California Solar Guide is the most trusted source of information on all things solar. Make an educated decision about what panels to buy, who to hire, and how much it’ll cost. We’re industry professionals sharing insider secrets and pro tips to get you the best deal on solar. You deserve to save money on your electric bill without sacrificing quality!


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Solar power is clean, renewable, and sustainable – so why not light up your life with it? We’ve got buying guides on everything from lights to watches, and we know our stuff. You can count on us to provide you with insider information about the latest products in the industry. We’ll show you the best solar products and where to find them at the best price.


Best Solar Equipment

Are Microinverters better than Optimizers? What are the best solar panels? What questions should I ask about monitoring and batteries? Who has  the top warranty?  

The Best Contractor

Why your contractor’s stability matters as much as the quality of your installation. What if you need roofing or an electrical panel upgrade. Know the facts.

Financial Deep Dive

Should you pay cash or finance? Is a PPA the same as a lease? How to pick the best loan program for your solar and what you need to know about the Federal tax credit.

Your Solar Journey

Getting solar for your home is rewarding when done right. Find out everything you need to know to get a great system installed for a competitive price. 

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Check out the best solar-powered gear and gadgets with our in-depth solar buying guides.


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Consumer Guide

Get the guide that is filled with best practices to get the best solar power in California.


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All the information you need to know to get the best solar in easy to understand videos.