Decorating With Solar Halloween Lights

Solar Halloween lights are very easy to set up and use. There’s no flipping switches or plugging in cords, and they light up automatically every night. The best solar Halloween lights have good technology, and the designs are so fun that you’ll love to decorate with them.

Halloween lights will only be up for a few weeks, so why hassle with extension cords, timers, or manually flipping lights off and on when you can do it the easy way, with solar? Just set it and forget it!

Solar Halloween lights shaped like jack-o-lanterns in a row

The styles of LED lights, like spooky skeletons, ghost string lights, and eerie jack-o-lanterns will give you lots of decorating ideas for outdoor ambient light.

Solar Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Lights on the steps of a home at dusk on Halloween

Halloween Color Schemes

Halloween colors are traditionally orange and black, but that’s not the only combination of colored lights that create an eerie glow. When it comes to mood lighting for trick or treaters, purple LED string lights combined with green and orange lights add beauty to patios. Red and black wire flame lights create a spooky tree wrapped around branches.

Solar Halloween lights in purple and green
Green & Purple Halloween String Lights
Solar Halloween colored lights in purple and orange
Orange & Purple Halloween String Lights

Set The Mood For Your Halloween Guests

Your choice of colors will set the mood as scary or fun based on your decorating ideas for the special event. Warm white LED skull lights with strings of red or black lights are a great option for a haunted feel, while bright orange and green pathway lights will welcome trick-or-treaters to your door.

Solar LED string light ghosts in warm white make cute Halloween decorations

If you read our post on Solar Christmas lights, you know that the shapes and colors of string lights combine to create a powerful holiday effect. The same applies to solar Halloween LED lights. Whether you choose pumpkins, ghosts, or skeletons, you can set the perfect mood for your guests and trick-or-treaters.

Our Top Picks For Solar Halloween Lights:

Purple Ghost Lights

These adorable purple string lights come on a 20ft string and have 30 ghost LEDs

Use them like Christmas lights and string them from your trees, eaves, and fence posts.

Orange Pumpkin Lights

These 50 happy pumpkins are the cutest solar string lights for Halloween.

The 33ft string is perfect for highlighting shrubs and other areas at kids’ eye level.

Spider String Lights

These 40 skeleton hand solar lights are perfect for creating an outdoor display with graveyard ambiance.

Add skull lights and props to complete the outdoor decor. Use red lights to make a Haunted House theme.

Colorful Ghost Lights

30 happy ghouls hanging out for Halloween at your house.

These cute colored lights charm kids of all ages with their candy-colored glow.

A trick or treater dressed as a ghost in a glowing white sheet

Solar Halloween Decorations

Prop these spooktacular decorations around your patio, use them as door decorations and path lights, or hang them from tree branches. There are so many options for your outdoor decor!

Do-It-Yourself Spooky Halloween Light

I love this idea from Christmas Lights Etc but I tweaked it with a solar starburst light. Get a 2-pack of these copper wire firework lights and grab some inexpensive Halloween decorations from the dollar store and some invisible hanging wire.

DIY solar Halloween light chandelier using firework lights and Halloween decorations like dangling spiders and creepy eyeballs
DIY Solar Halloween Chandelier

Bend the copper wires of the firework lights up, then hang spiders and ghosts from the invisible hanging wire. Add curled ribbons and silk flowers for color. Put a witch’s hat at the top of the light and voila, you have a fun DIY Halloween craft your kids will love.

Do It Yourself Solar Halloween Light Chandelier

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Solar Christmas lights sparkle and shine behind a mom and her little girl

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