Ultimate Guide: Best Solar Christmas Lights

Working in the solar industry, I can always tell which customers put up big Christmas displays because their power bill jumps in December. Thanks to solar powered Christmas lights, you don’t have to pay high energy bills because the best solar Christmas lights make awesome displays!

The choices are amazing, and the tech has come a long way. Best of all, they pay for themselves year after year.

In fact, you don’t need timers, extension cords, or plugs like standard lights and incandescent bulbs do. They light up automatically at dusk, go off automatically after 6-8 hours, and only need a sunny spot for the solar panel to charge during the day.

With a wide range of ornaments and styles to choose from, we’ve listed the best LED solar lights on the market and what to look for when buying them. Check out our 3 quick picks below!

Quick Picks: Solar Christmas Lights

Classic & Cool Solar Christmas Light Styles

Cute child dressed as Christmas fairy in front of solar Christmas fairy lights

‘Tis the Season to Sparkle

Our thoughtfully curated Christmas solar lights guide is categorized by style, so you can easily find the best Christmas lights. You can be sure that solar strings of light will look good and perform well because we demand both great design and high performance, and never recommend an item just because it’s solar-powered.

Christmas Stake Lights: Holiday Designs

Holiday solar stake lights are truly a fast and fabulous way to decorate your yard for Christmas. These are the styles that we like best.

Candy Canes

Solar candy cane stake lights for Christmas decorating

Everyone loves candy cane decorations in the Holiday Season, and this 10-pack of solar candy cane pathway lights is an eco-friendly no-brainer, just plug and play. No tools or extension cords are needed, just direct sunlight. Line them up along your driveway and get an instant holiday glow for up to 10 hours in the evening.


Solar Christmas snowflake stake lights

The most simple and elegant Christmas decorations are glowing snowflakes. This set of 5 solar snowflake stake lights creates magical holiday spirit. They last up to 10 hours when you sprinkle them liberally around your Christmas light-o-rama.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas candy cane solar post lights

The flickering flames on these solar Christmas lanterns create a welcoming ambience for the holidays. The candy cane striped stakes and the joyful Merry Christmas message signs make this my absolute favorite holiday decoration in my yard.

Santa & Frosty

Santa and Frosty solar Christmas stake lights

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa & Frosty. The crystal snowflake glows at night, so your kids will love these classic solar stake lights both during the day and at night.

The Cross With Poinsettias

The true meaning of Christmas, the cross, decorated with poinsettias and glowing with solar Christmas lights

The true meaning of Christmas is symbolized beautifully in these crosses decorated with poinsettias and set aglow by LED solar fairy lights. A classy and timeless style, these are gorgeous decorations for yards and memorial sites as well.

Christmas Candles

Flickering Christmas candle solar light is set inside a Christmas tree frame with a gold star at the top and a poinsettia garnish at the base

The flickering Christmas candles on these solar stake lights are set in a Christmas tree frame topped with a golden star. At its base is a poinsettia corsage. These go well with the solar crosses above if you’re going for a themed look for the Holiday season.

Christmas Trees

Solar Christmas Tree spiraling lights set of 3 in small, medium and tall

This set of three spiraling solar Christmas trees are lit with LED’s and topped with a glowing star. Each one has its own solar panel to be placed in direct sunlight. There’s a 3′, 4′, and 6′ tree in the set. Choose twinkle or steady on for your lighting mode.

Specialty Fairy Lights & More

Happy woman holding magic sparkles in front of solar Christmas lights
It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Specialty styles of solar Christmas lights feature holiday inspired shapes that take your lighting to the next level. Add a string or two of mini lights in the most prominent areas of your solar Christmas display, and your holiday lighting will be magical.

Solar Snowflake Fairy Lights In Snow White

Pure white snowflake solar lights are perfect for your winter wonderland. Each 20ft string has 30 LEDs and 8 different twinkle modes. These tiny 1.5″ delicate beauties are perfect for holiday decorating. I have several strings of these around my patio and yard, and people love them.

Snowflake Solar String Lights 80 LED 33 Feet 8 Modes Waterproof Solar Powered String Fairy Lights for Patio Home Gardens Outdoor Holiday Christmas Tree Party Decorations

Solar Christmas Snowflake Lights, Multicolor

These energy efficient multicolor solar snowflake fairy light s add colorful shine to your Holiday lights. Sure to please kids with their variety of colors and 2-mode operation. The length is 30ft with 50 LED snowflake shapes that add a winter’s fairytale theme to your landscape decor.

Solar Christmas snowflake lights, multicolored

Solar Stars String Lights In Warm White

These petite golden solar star beauties are 40 feet with 100 LED stars and 8 modes. You’ll love their magical star shape and how easily they add charm to your holidays. The stars’ string of light has a warm white glow that’s subtle and they’re perfect for many occasions throughout the year.

Petite solar Christmas star string lights in warm white are the perfect solar Christmas lights for the holidays

Multicolor Solar Stars String Lights

People love a little holiday cheer, and that’s what you get with these solar powered star multicolor beauties . A string of these star lights will create a festive ambiance for your garden. The textured, sparkling stars will light up your nights with 50 LED lights on a 30ft string. Each star is about 2 inches wide, and there are 2 lighting modes. 

Multicolored solar stars string lights for Christmas decorating

Solar String Lights with Moon and Stars

There are many magical choices with solar Christmas lights and deciding which one to buy can be hard. These stunning Moon and Stars string lights are unique in that they have different light shapes dropping down at varying lengths, adding spectacular ambiance and charm to your decor. They are sure to be one of your favorite decorations during the holidays and year round for their pure magic!

Solar Christmas string lights with moon and stars are perfect for holiday decorating and Christmas spirit

Solar Snowflake Christmas Fairy Lights

These warm white solar snowflake fairy lights are ideal for holiday parties! The string of light has 50 LED snowflake shaped fairy lights strung over 24 feet, with 8 light modes! These lights add a dainty touch of elegance wherever you string them. The best part is, no need to plug into electrical outlets!

Solar Teardrop – Frozen Icicle String Lights

The delicate teardrop-shape d lights look like frozen icicles. You can get them on Amazon in all the different colors as well as the clear color. The clear looks the most like frozen icicles with a cold white color. Each string has 40 waterdrop LED Lights and is 24 ft long. The shape of a water drop gives you a unique style if you’re looking for something extraordinary.

Solar Christmas lights in delicate teardrop - frozen icicle shapes are the perfect solar Christmas string lights

Solar Christmas Cascading Fairy Icicle Lights, Multi-Color

These cascading icicle lights create a spectacular meteor shower effect using solar energy The LED bulbs in the tubes turn on and off one by one in sequence quickly and looks just like falling snow in the night sky. Each pack has 8 tubes with 8 multicolored lights each on a 23ft string. See the unique beauty of these cascading meteor shower lights on Amazon. 

Solar Christmas lights, cascading multicolor fairy lights

Solar Christmas Disco Spotlight

Point these Christmas-themed solar-powered lights at a wall, garage door, or walkway, and you have an instant light show of color-changing snowflakes sure to brighten your holiday nights. These are easy to install, and they create multicolored disco light displays on any surface.

These lights produce 200 lumens and have a 90 Degree adjustable light angle to illuminate the perfect spot and 180 Degree adjustable solar panel to absorb the maximum sunshine. You must check out these powerful and long-lasting solar Christmas light show spotlights for the most colorful and dynamic decorating!

Solar Christmas light show spotlights shine snowflakes on your walls, yard, and even ponds and pools!
Snowflake Spotlights on a pond

Classic Styles: Fairy, Strip & String Lights

Fairy string lights are the most basic foundation of Christmas lighting and decorating. Check out the styles below that we handpicked based on their elegance, uniqueness, and pure magic. When we link to a product or website that we are affiliated with, we may be paid a commission.

Multi-Color Solar Globe String Lights With Remote

Multi-color solar globe Christmas string lights with remote control

These colorful Christmas string lights come with a very cool remote control, and 50 lights strung over 16 feet. You’ll definitely need a few of these to fill yard with beautiful, winkling colors.

The variation in colors is amazing, with 16 different colors to choose from, and 4 multi-color lighting modes, each of which has different speed levels.

Warm White Solar Fairy Lights with 8 Modes

Warm white solar Christmas fairy string lights

This 2-pack powerhouse delivers the classic sparkle you need to light up your holidays. Each string is 78 feet long with 240 LEDs.

With 8 lighting modes:16 Waves, Combination, Fading, Fireflies, Chasing, Twinkle, Fading slowly, and Steady-on, create your favorite Christmas mood without worrying about extension cords!

Multi-colored Solar Fairy Lighting

Solar christmas lights in multicolored string lights

People love this Multi-colored 2-pack of solar string light display, and it’s the best choice for Christmas if you like classic icicle lights in your decorations. The light strands are 40 feet long with 120 LEDs.

The lights have 8 Modes: Steady on, Combination, Fireflies flashing, Waves, Fading, Chasing/Flashing, Fading slowly, Twinkle/Flashing.

Solar Fairy Lights in Blue

Solar Christmas fairy lights in blue

These gorgeous blue solar fairy lights in a 3-pack which is great for flexible yard placement plus lots of pretty blue light. Each string is 33FT with 100 LEDs fairy lights.

The wires are flexible and bendable so you can easily wrap them around tree trunks or fences. You have 8 modes to choose from: combination, in waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on.

Super Long Solar Fairy Lights with 500 LEDs, 165ft

Super long solar Christmas fairy lights

When you need a long string of multicolor Christmas lights, these 500 LED, 165ft fairy lights are a sure thing.

With a 14 key remote, you can easily turn on/off the lights, change between the 8 modes, and adjust the brightness and set the speed of flashing.

Flexible Solar Strip Lights In Warm White

Flexible solar strip lights area beautiful option for Christmas lights and year round lighting too

These Led strip lights mount with 3M self-adhesive tape on the back for easy application and no wiring! Super easy to install and operate, with 2 modes: twinkle and steady on. Check out these beautiful and versatile lights 

Flexible and Cuttable: Every 10 LEDs can be cut once, cutting every 10 LEDs from the end will not damage the remaining light bars. These 16.4 ft strip lights can be made into any shape you want, wrapped around a tree trunk or gazebo. Perfect for decorating year round!

Solar Rope Lights In Pure White

Solar fiber optic pure white rope lights are perfect solar Christmas lights

These solar rope tube lights are strung in a waterproof rubber tube-like fiber optics, and bring incredible sparkle to your Christmas landscape. With 8 modes and 66ft long, they can be used around pools and ponds without worry. Versatile and rugged, see how cute these weatherproof rope lights will look in your yard.

Blue Globe Solar String Lights

Solar blue globe string lights are lovely at Christmas time

These stunning blue Solar Globe String Lights are 35.6ft long and have 60 blue globe lights hanging from the string. They have a casual chic ambiance on patios and gazebos.

The solar globe lights can withstand all kinds of weather, including heavy rain and snow, and come with eight modes to suit your holiday fancy.

Solar Globe String Lights, Multi-Colored Crystal Balls

Christmas solar globe string lights, multi-colored crystal balls perfect for holiday lighting with solar

These multi-colored crystal globe string lights are the perfect heartwarming holiday accent. Designed with 8 lighting modes that will set sparkling moods at night: combination, fireflies flashing, waves, fading, chasing/flashing, fading slowly, twinkle/flashing, and steady on.

These strings are 24ft long with 50 1″ LEDs strung half an inch apart. Discover how beautiful these solar Christmas string lights are for holiday decorating.

Solar Globe Bistro String Lights with Remote In Warm White

These classic bistro-style string lights come with the largest capacity solar panel available for solar string lights and can also be powered by AA batteries for added flexibility.

High quality and brilliant, the premium crystal globes lights look pretty when lit up in your patio, garden, or front lawn. The warm white light adds a romantic touch to New Years’ parties.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Christmas present and pine cones on snow in front of solar Christmas lights

Pro Tips: Solar Christmas Lights

First, determine where you’ll hang the lights (your eaves? a tree? a fence?), and the approximate length you’ll need. Solar string lights come in a variety of lengths to suit different needs. The number of LED lights per string of solar powered holiday lights is key for creating different moods, as is bulb color and shape. Lights come in warm or cool white, blue, and multi-color, and some cycle through colors. Consider using specialty shapes when lights are close to the viewer.

You will need a sunny spot with several hours of sunlight to place the solar panel’s light sensor, usually staked into the ground. Some units have an optional wall mount. If you like different flash modes, consider one with 8-modes, instead of just 2-modes, which are steady on or flashing. Why pay for electricity to run your Christmas light show with the many options available? The biggest advantage is that solar Christmas light ornaments will pay for themselves many times over, unlike traditional holiday lights that burn electricity.

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